The Warriors Trump LeBron James – Again

LOS ANGELES – Well, that didnt take long.

There wasnt even enough time to clean up the confetti here in Los Angeles.

Oh yes. There was a Hollywood-style party going on, welcoming LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers via free agency.

His move from East to West sent shockwaves throughout NBA America. It was a changing of the guard. King James, as some call him, had just flipped the script.

In an instant, James – with a four-year, $154-million deal in hand – made the Lakers relevant again. Fans here were thrilled. The fabled franchise finally had a chance to win a title again. Even Vegas bought in, making LeBron and company the second-best odds at winning a title in 2019.

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Enter the Golden State Warriors.

And just like that, they shut down the party and gave Lakers fans a cold dose of reality with one free agent signing.

Golden State picked up All-Star center Boogie Cousins for nothing, getting the free agent for one season at $5.3 million. In NBA money, that like four bucks.

The Warriors now have an All-Star at every position.

Before suffering an Achilles injury this past season, Cousins averaged 25 points and 13 rebounds. He can also play defense.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver should have immediately cancelled the regular season.

Its official. The LeBron to LA story will be a sidebar to the Warriors third straight championship and fourth in the last five seasons.

The LeBron fans ran to Twitter and cried how unfair this move was. They called it ridiculous, over-the-top. Many said the Warriors had just ruined the game.

No way, no how.

It was James. With his team hopping, LBJ turned the league in an AAU free-for-all. Its now cool to chase rings, even at the sacrifice of good old competition.

LeBron started it. The Warriors finished it. Its cut and dry.

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In fact, LeBron is Dr. Frankenstein, he created the monster that is the Warriors. Thats why we have a league with no balance, no competition and a terrible regular season.

And while the Lakers and Celtics dominated the sport back in the day, way more teams were in the mix and actually had a chance to compete for a title.

Not anymore. Sadly, most know the 82-game season, in LeBrons NBA, is basically a waste other than selling over-priced hot dogs and beers.

James is mostly the reason why this once great league is just a mere shell of itself. James started this mess when he decided to form his Super Team in Miami and both disrupt and destroy the competitive balance in the Eastern Conference.

That damage lingers to this day. Thats why James went to the Finals for the eighth year in a row this past season. Theres no competition, no one to stand in his way.

When James decided to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh – all free agents in the prime of their careers – it changed the league. Sadly, in a bad way.

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This wasnt a 29-year-old Charles Barkley, in pursuit of a championship, after spending the majority of his career in Philly. Or longtime Jazz forward Karl Malone, so desperate in his final season, that he joined the hated Lakers after 17 seasons in Utah.

Oh, no. Make no mistake about it.

This was the star of the league walking out on his team and hometown, in his prime – no less – and changing the course of three franchises in the process.

And since its a copycat league, other players followed LeBrons lead. If the best player on the planet wants to play on a stacked team, why wouldnt others want to do the same thing?

Enter Kevin Durant. You get the feeling that Durant would have never left OKC had LeBron stayed in Cleveland and never went to Miami.

And the 2008 Celtics wasnt a Super Team. Kevin Garnett, after 13 seasons in Minnesota, was traded to Boston to join Paul Pierceand Ray Allen.

Garnett wasnt in his prime or a free agent like LeBron.

The best part about this rouge NBA now is that James suffers from what he started.

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