The Setup Is On! Keyshawn Johnson Claims Outside Coaches Huddled Together To Help Oregon Beat Coach Prime’s Popular Colorado Buffs

Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders might be the most feared coach in the Power Five Conference. The phrase, on the surface, sounds ridiculous for an incoming coach who first made his bones in the SWAC Conference.

However, three wins later, a decimating showdown against Oregon and the new normal in the Pac-12 conference is that any game against the Colorado Buffaloes is both cultural and national news.

Now more information is coming out about the factors that contributed to Colorado’s 42-6 loss against Oregon, and it points to a conspiracy between coaches against Deion Sanders.

Conspiracy Theory?

“This is his first year at the Power Five level; they’re 3-1. We can’t sit up here and act like it’s all doom, it’s over with, they’ll never win another game; that’s not true,” Johnson said on “Undisputed.” “They played against an Oregon team that is better.”

“I spoke to somebody in the coaching fraternity right after the game, and they know some people that coach at Oregon,” Johnson continued. “They [were] telling me ‘Man, I’ve never heard from another assistant coach of how much information was being given to that [Oregon] staff about game-planning against Colorado so they can beat them,” Johnson continued.

Although he wouldn’t reveal his sources, Johnson left an impression that Oregon took Colorado so seriously that it created a consortium of advisers from different coaching systems to prepare ever so thoroughly for victory.

The polarization amongst social media users was instant, with some agreeing and others criticizing Johnson for creating a scapegoat for Colorado’s loss.

Oregon coach Lanning fired his team up pregame with a speech that helped propel them over the Buffs.

“The Cinderella story is over, man,” Lanning said to his players before the game. “They’re fighting for clicks. We’re fighting for wins. There’s a difference, right? There’s a difference. This game ain’t gonna be played in Hollywood. It’s gonna be played on the grass.”

Supported By Confidence

However, for some, like former NBA coach George Karl, Oregon and its coach were only relevant this season for facing off against Coach Prime.

“I literally can’t remember the name of the Oregon football coach anymore,” Karl posted on ‘X.’ “Back to generally anonymity. Maybe he needs more clicks? But everyone still remembers Coach Prime and the impact he’s having on his program and college football. Keep doing your thing, Deion!!”

Sanders took Saturday’s loss with grace but vowed that this season of learning and adjusting to the conference is the best shot competitors have against him and his unlikely “Cinderella” story.

“One thing I can say honestly and candidly: You better get me right now,” Sanders said at the postgame press conference. “This is the worst we’re gonna be. You better get me right now.”

Win or lose, Sanders is staying in the conversation and, for some coaches, causing perspiration.

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