The Presidential Debate In Tweets

No wonder David Stern keeps such a tight leash on Mark Cuban.


Tell us how you really feel, Jim.


Once you tweet it’s there forever..even if you delete it.


Actually, Bill, I’d want you to moderate the next debate.


While we’re asking for explanations, can you explain how the “up-tempo” Hawks will make the playoffs?


Obama dropped the ball on that, but not as much as your 100 million dollar defensive lineman Mario Williams has this season. (Editor’s note: Watch it, Nu! Us Buffalonians are sensitive about this subject…we’re on the verge of snapping. Pump the brakes, fam.)


Inquiring minds want to know.


Bold and daring at the same damn time.


Squeaky wheel gets the oil.


Get down or lay down Bill Bellamy


So you’re not down with the 47%?


What would you know about being Over Aggressive?


Way to throw your teammate to the Twitter wolves, Dre.


He’s saving the knockout blow for the later rounds.


Since you know what everyone needs, what will it take for the Pirates to have their first winning season since 1991?


I bet it was more intense than Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh’s handshake this season.


Chad: you’ll never get a job with Tweets like this, no matter who is in office.


That’s what they do in debates, sir.


Sure, why not?


Get to the money!

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