The Patriots Should Cut Tim Tebow

This isn't about hate. It's about football.

And by most accounts — including scouts, players and some coaches — Tim Tebow can't play the quarterback position in the National Football League.

There are a few problems with his game. Let's see … He can't throw, has poor mechanics and doesn't make the right decisions against the defense.

In most cases, it would be a slam dunk. You would have to find something else to do in life. Those things are all pretty important in playing QB.

Somehow, his ability to football doesn't seem to matter anymore when it comes to making sure this former college football legend has a gig in the league.

All eyes will be on New England come Saturday when teams have to cut rosters down to the league maximum of 53 players.

Tebow shouldn't be on the team. Clearly, he should be cut by the Patriots, ending one of the craziest journeys in pro football.

First, NE coach Bill Belichick normally doesn't carry three quarterbacks. With Tom Brady and Ryan Mallet in place as the starter and backup, respectively, there doesn't seem to be any room.

Secondly, Tebow had a poor training camp and suspect preseason at best. The first two games he played in left a lot to be desired.

In his second game, Tebow completed one of seven passes for -1 yards and an interception.

Yet, there was the owner Robert Kraft falling all over Tebow, rooting for him despite his lackluster practices and lame preseason appearances.

"I'm rooting for him and I'm in his corner, but I have the privilege of letting Bill (Belichick) make those decisions," Kraft said to the media Tuesday. "He's got a pretty good record."

Kraft went on and on about what a great guy Tebow is and why he has so many fans.

Funny, in a league that is harsh to its players — cutting you at a drop of a dime for loss of production or an injury – it’s now taking into consideration what a nice guy someone is as part of the process of the hard decisions it takes to compose team.


You could understand it if you're putting together a church choir. But a football team? Naw.

It should only be about talent.

Of all sports, football is the one with of the most level of playing fields. With the constant threat of injury and non-guaranteed, you have to go out, work hard and produce in order to stick around.

Yet, here, in Tebow's case, there were nothing but excuses and head-turning to give this guy a chance few, if any, have ever gotten in this game of put up or get lost.

Especially when it came to practice. In the NFL, that's where you earn your way onto the field, given that there are so few games. In Tebow's situation, it’s like they overlook his poor practices and simply play him just because.


It was always intangibles when it came to Tebow because that's all there was to go on.

The charade is over.

Just like it was in Denver. President John Elway couldn't get him out of town fast enough, even after a fluke playoff win over Pittsburgh.

Just like in was in New York. The Jets, even in their most desperate moment for a QB, bypassed Tebow and played the third string instead. It spoke volumes.

Enter New England. He hasn't shown them anything to warrant a roster spot.

People have to get over what Tebow did in college at Florida. Plenty of great college players never pan out on the next level. It's not rare. Ask Ryan Leaf.

New England was disingenuous from the get-go. This was a publicity stunt. That's why the Patriots sent out an emails to fans just minutes after the announcement that they signed Tebow. The email informed fans they could get their Tebow jerseys immediately.

The Pats have always prided themselves on being able to turn players around, players that might have failed in other situations.

Oh yeah, like they did with Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco. Nevermind.

Nonetheless, they were going to get something out of Tebow. After all, he's a football player and has something to offer, as legend has it.


Belichik isn't crazy. There aren’t any circumstances where you would take Brady out of the game to use Tebow.

That's why Tebow doesn't belong in New England.

Rob Parker is a columnist for The Shadow League. He is also an analyst for Fox Sports 1 in Los Angeles. He co-hosts The Odd Couple on Fox Sports Radio and is also an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California.