The NFL’s Legend of Bagger Vance Has Arrived In Buffalo

On Tuesday, Matt Flynn signed a contract with the Buffalo Bills. Flynn will probably never become a franchise quarterback in the NFL, but the Bills newest quarterback has developed an underground following. Did your ears perk up? They should have.

Like the legendary, mythical Bagger Vance, everywhere Flynn signs, a black quarterback flourishes. If case you've never seen it, The Legend of Bagger Vance follows an enigmatic caddy, who some critics believe was an allegory for the magic negro stereotype, that aids a struggling golfer from Georgia rediscover his swing before vanishing again. Flynn may be a dead ringer for Will Smith's co-star Matt Damon, but in reality Flynn is the traveling magical rabbit's foot for starting quarterbacks.

As a sophomore at LSU, Flynn lost the competition for the starting job to JaMarcus Russell who excelled for two years before being the first player to get plucked off the draft board in 2007.  In Seattle, Flynn was practically guaranteed the starting job until Russell Wilson Buster Douglas'd his way to the starting job. That paved the way for his trade to Oakland where Terrelle Pryor hijacked the wheel from Flynn again. Since Flynn was cut from Oakland, Pryor seems to have lost his way throwing three picks and was sacked 10 times against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Thaddeus Lewis and E.J. Manuel couldn't have asked for a better teammate. Can't you imagine Flynn imparting philosophical advice into Manuel's headset on the road to focus from the sideline before a pivotal fourth down?

"I"m right here with ya… I've been here all along… Now play the game… Your game… The one that only you was meant to play… Then one that was given to you when you come into this world… You ready?… Throw that ball E.J. don't hold nothin back give it everything… Now's the time… Let yourself remember… Remember YOUR throwing motion… That's right, settle yourself… Let's go… Now is the time, E.J…."


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