The Legend of Cardi B Grows As She Gifts Offset With $500K In A Fridge

Say what you want but Cardi B goes hard for her man and despite her explosive global popularity and transformartion into an iconic brand, she still, in the words of the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep, “keeps it thorough n*gga.” 

Despite all of the drama and the social media circus that she leads and incites with great pride, Cardi is dedicated to her baby daughter Kulture’s father Offset from the group Migos.

And on Offset’s birthday she gave him a refrigerator full of doe.

There was reportedly $500,000 in cash, leaving him speechless. That’s just so gutter. So hood. It was a gangster moment, but it was a tender moment. It was real. It was her way of showing the man she loves that she appreciates him in a way that he would fully understand. 

It’s what makes Cardi one of the most compelling artists int he world. Just look at her last week. 

After displaying her elegance and dedication to motherhood on the cover of Vogue,she struts into Queens criminal court facing assault charges and wearing a furry Black gown with a long extended train and a some black furry hooded head wear to match, like she was attending the king’s funeral. For folks more familiar with urban culture she looked like the female Frank Lucas, entering the court to face hard time, but without a visible concern on her face. 

Then she keeps it even more gangster and puts a half a mill in the freezer. It’s a move straight out of the drug dealer handbook 101

The legend of Bardi continues. She’s unattainably attainable. Over the top, strong and vulnerable in a way anyone can relate too and peopel love it. 

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