Injuries At 38 Is Nothing Nice, The Doctors Want The King To Bow Out, But Bron Got Jokes | ‘The LeBron James Of Feet Told Me I Shouldn’t’ |

After missing 13 games with a foot injury, superstar LeBron James returned to the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday, March 26. Following the game, a loss to the Chicago Bulls, James talked about the severity of his foot injury and the recommendation he received from the “LeBron James of feet” about having surgery.

“Because I went to the LeBron James of feet and he told me I shouldn’t,” James said when asked why he decided against surgery.

What Was LeBron’s injury?

James suffered a torn tendon in his right foot earlier last month in a game against the Dallas Mavericks. According to Intermountain Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, there are three main tendons in the foot:

“The posterior (rear) tibial tendon attaches the calf muscle to the bones of the inside of the foot. It holds up the arch of the foot and supports the foot during walking. A tear to this tendon is usually from a fall. But it can also be injured from overuse. It is most common in athletes who put a lot of stress on the ankle during sports like basketball or soccer.” 

The other possible tendon tear could be:

Peroneal tendons. The two peroneal tendons run down the outer part of your lower leg and behind your ankle bone on the outside of the foot. One tendon attaches to the middle of your foot on the outside. The other attaches to the bottom of your foot near the arch. Tears in these tendons are usually caused by an ankle sprain or a blow to the ankle. It can also be caused by overuse, usually in athletes who repeat movements that put stress on the ankle.

The other tendon in the foot is the Achilles. Rupturing or tearing that tendon would’ve sidelined James for the rest of the season.

Who Is The LeBron James Of Feet?

James famously spends over $1 million dollars on his body. He undoubtedly sees medical professionals and specialists at the very top of their field. His wealth and status afford him that luxury.

It’s interesting that when James was asked what country the “LeBron James of feet” is based in, he responded “I don’t know, I have no idea.”

It’s also telling that when James was asked if he’ll get surgery in the offseason he said he wasn’t sure and regardless, the media wouldn’t know about it because he doesn’t give interviews in the offseason. By the beginning of next season he’ll be fine and nobody would be aware.

James is notoriously private about his health-care and medical information. Given who he is and what he does, there is always speculation and interest. Remember the countless stories about how much he actually weighs?

It’s more than reasonable and fair for him to want privacy when it comes to his health. It’s truly none of the public’s business.

What the public and Lakers fans are concerned with is the end of the regular season and push for the playoffs.

The Lakers are 37-38 and in the ninth spot (play-in) in the West. They’re only a game and a half behind the Golden Warriors for a guaranteed playoff spot.

“To hell with the play-in; we actually can be a top-eight seed,” James said. “That definitely changed my mindset on me coming back and trying to be a part of this. … I don’t really want to say changed my mindset; it just enhanced what I was trying to do as far as my workouts, as far as my treatment and everything.”

With seven games to go, it’s must-win every night if the Lakers are to make the playoffs.

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