Adele’s Inner Circle Better Ask Somebody | CEO Rich Paul Is Not Only LeBron James’ Best Friend, But Also A Business Mogul

According to several reports, members of pop star Adele’s inner circle are concerned that her boyfriend Rich Paul is in the relationship with the British singer for the wrong reasons. They fear Adele wants to get married and that Paul is just stringing her along for the clout.

“Rich is a very charming, influential guy. But the worry is he’s using Adele to boost his Hollywood profile and it’ll all end in tears once he’s gotten bored with her,” an insider told RadarOnline.

Who Is Rich Paul?

Upon those alleged comments from the insider making their way around the internet, some fans took issue with the stance that Paul is using Adele to boost his Hollywood profile, given who he is and what he’s accomplished.

Paul is the CEO of Klutch Sports Group, which represents NBA and NFL athletes — most notably LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Jalen Hurts and Chase Young.

Klutch was founded by Paul, and the firm has received a significant investment from the global talent and entertainment powerhouse United Talent Agency. Paul is now also a member of the UTA board.

With Paul’s proximity to James, learning under Leon Rose at the world’s number-one talent agency Creative Artists Agency, what could being with Adele get Paul he couldn’t already get on his own?

“Before they went public, hardly anyone had heard of the guy. Now he’s front and center at all the big events, soaking up the limelight and encouraging her to get out there and party alongside him,” a source shared.

The worlds of sports and entertainment often overlap, but there are probably people in the entertainment world who have no idea who Paul is. That’s not a knock on Paul; it’s just reality. Not everyone is dialed into sports, and specifically sports agents.

Adele is much more famous and a front-facing global superstar.

Are Adele and Rich Engaged?

We have no idea what the reality of their relationship is. The Grammy Award-winning singer has made it publicly clear she would like to grow her family and have more children someday. She shares a 10-year-old son, Angelo, with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki.

Adele was spotted at one of her Las Vegas residency shows last month wearing a diamond engagement ring. All the tabloids ran with the engagement story, quoting a “reliable source.”

Both Paul and Adele are notoriously private, as they should be, about their personal lives and neither has made an official statement about being engaged.

Time will tell if their relationship is built to last and if marriage and children will be the next steps. Time will also reveal what, if any, professional benefits Paul has gained from his time with Adele.

Paul like LeBron is a businessman. He sees Klutch as more than just a sports agency. No doubt he would like it to someday rival CAA, Wasserman and WME, the preeminent talent agencies in the world.

What possible role could Adele play in that future? Does he plan to include artist management under the Klutch banner?

Again, time will tell.

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