Pro Football Hall Of Famer Warren Sapp Joining Coach Prime At Colorado Is The Upgrade They Need In Boulder

As the Colorado Buffaloes complete their 2023 season, their first under Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, the legendary defensive back says he’s adding another Canton enshrinee to his 2024 staff. Sanders, whose 4-7 team has lost five consecutive games and finishes its season with a road game at Utah, is hoping to finish a once promising season on a good note.

While that is gonna he supremely tough against the Utes, some good news has come from the program in the last couple of days. 

Late Wednesday, Coach Prime announced via his weekly radio show that good friend and fellow Pro Football Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp will be joining the CU Buffs staff for 2024. Sapp, sort of mentioned it a few months back, but now we have confirmation from the man in charge.

This move could do wonders for a Buffaloes squad that needs all the help if can get in the trenches from coaching to recruits. Who better than Sapp, one of the game’s greatest interior lineman ever. 

Coach Prime Excited For Program And Players

Adding someone of Sapp’s pedigree is a big deal, and Sanders made note of that when he made the announcement.

“I’m excited about Coach Sapp,” Coach Prime said on his “Primetime Buffaloes Radio Show.”

“He’s a dear friend that I love to life, and he’s going to be invaluable as to what he brings to the table,” Sanders added. “The kids are going to love him; as far as the recruits, they are going to love him.

Assuming Sapp is qualified to be a full-time coach, one would expect to see him working with the defensive line. After a season of not being able to stop the run or pass, Sapp can only help that unit. 

Sanders Also Laying Down The Gauntlet 

In wake of the program losing a few high-profile recruits over the last couple weeks, Sanders took it upon himself to also state where the program stands on NIL deals for potential recruits. In his Tuesday weekly presser, Coach Prime spoke vividly about the NIL craze and pay for play era that’s taken college athletics by storm. 

“We want players that want us. We want players that want to be a Colorado Buffalo and come here for all the right reasons. … We’re not going to buy anybody whatsoever. That’s not how we approach it.”

 “You come to Colorado to play for me and the Colorado Buffaloes because you really want to play football and receive a wonderful education,” Coach Prime continued. “All the business stuff is going to happen on the backend, if that is the case.” 

“We are not an ATM,” he emphasized.

Strong words from Coach Prime, but again adding Sapp should help with recruiting and fixing a very bad Buffaloes defense. 

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