The Josh Allen Versus Cam Newton Debate Lives On | But What Are We Actually Debating ? Newton’s Still Better

Once again the Cam Newton versus Josh Allen debate has resurfaced. While the two are very similar in build, with Newton a hulking 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds and Allen a physically imposing 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds, their accomplishments on the field are not comparable.

Is Josh Allen As Good As Cam Newton Was?

Former Chiefs linebacker Anthony Hitchens tweeted this last January following K.C’.s dramatic divisional playoff win over the Bills.

“I played Cam Newton a couple times, I’ve played Josh Allen a couple times, they’re very similar.”

While, Hitchens is correct, Newton has accomplished much more than Allen at this stage of their careers. By year five of Newton’s career, he was winning NFL MVP and leading the Carolina Panthers to a 15-1 record and an appearance in the Super Bowl.

Allen just completed his fifth year as the starter, and while he’s been good, he hasn’t led his team to the Super Bowl or won an MVP. In fact, he came up small this season, considering his team came into 2022 as the odds-on Super Bowl favorite.

So, in essence, while it sounds good to compare two big, strong, dual-threat QBs, right now Allen doesn’t measure up to Newton. He has plenty of time to do so, and more than likely he will, but as of now here’s a few more reasons why he’s not there yet.

Newton’s Transcendent Personality, Radiant Smile

While running and throwing his Panthers team into contention, Newton did it with a swagger and pizazz that Allen could never measure up to.

Newton’s “SuperMan” or “Dab,” celebration he did after scoring touchdowns was a huge reason why fans came to Carolina Panthers games. They weren’t selling out home games in Carolina until Super Cam arrived. In fact, current Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera has only three winning seasons in his 12 as head coach, and all came on the back of Newton.

Newton’s smile lit up Bank of America Stadium, and the trend he started of giving touchdown footballs to young fans has been copied around the league.

How Great Was Cam Newton?

In his career, Newton accounted for 269 paydirt touches, with 75 of those coming on the ground. Cam is the NFL’s all-time leader in rushing TDs by a quarterback with 32 more than the next-closest QB, Steve Young. As the leader of the Panthers, Newton was the entire system. He guided a Panthers to the Super Bowl with no more than serviceable receivers in Ted Ginn and Phil Brown.

Allen, on the other hand, is great in his own right, and he’s probably a bit more technically sound in his passing, but as a runner and leader, Newton is the better of the two. If Cam had the talent Allen has on offense, he would have been playing for Super Bowls yearly.

Newton Was Face Of NFL, Something Allen Will Never Be

Newton became the face of the NFL while the likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees were still doing their thing. He went toe-to-toe with the league’s best, holding his own weekly.

Allen has been solid in matchups against other top QBs, but he’ll never be the face of the league with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Bengals signal-caller Joe Burrow around.

That is what separates Newton and Allen. While both are immensely talented, one just set himself apart from the rest, and he did it beyond the gridiron. Let Allen be Allen. Measuring up to Cam is a tall order.

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