Jacksonville Jaguars Couldn’t Talk A Super Bowl Into Existence

The Jacksonville Jaguars have never been to a Super Bowl but they did a lot of talking throughout the playoffs, leading up to the AFC Championship game. The feeling across the football landscape was that they should chill out and play the game because when a team has to go into Gillette Stadium and face the Patriots “AKA” the masters of disasters, the sultans of success, the NFLs living examples of getting the bag, it will be an out of body experience the likes of which they have never encountered. 

Endless up-and-coming squads have fallen victim to New Englands relentless drive, innovativeness, will and the ability of Tom Brady to make the best defenses pay for the slightest misstep. It has become par for the course, for what most consider the greatest franchise in NFL history. 

The Jaguars tried to convince themselves that all they had to do was play a game. Jalen Ramsey said the Jags were “going to the Super Bowl and we gon’ win dat b**ch.”

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This clip of Jalen Ramsey from last week did not age well… https://t.co/pUGmklyXTQ

To Ramsey’s credit, even in their boasts, the Jags were preaching the us mentality.  Together they felt they could do what so many pretenders failed to do in the past. For a while it worked. The Jags were up 20-10 and just got the ball back on a fumble in the third quarter. That would be the last time the Jags would be on top in this game. 

The legend of Brady grows. In this one, it was his big, stitched, black bandaged right hand that cast a shadow over the Jaguars Super Bowl hopes as that same hand threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to Danny Amendola with 2:48 remaining , rallying the Patriots to a 24-20 comeback victory in the AFC championship Sunday.

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The play that put the Patriots back in the Super Bowl: https://t.co/maz4r9rAaL

Brady has stolen history from the grasp of so many exceptional players in the past. Ramsey is another generation of young gunners who  will see glorious days, but first had to learn to respect Brady the hard way. 

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“When you look at the New England Patriots in this game…,” said legendary NFL analyst Tom Jackson during a rap session with Chris Berman on ESPN.”This is what youre up against. They lost time of possession. They lost the battle of the turnovers. They did not run the ball nearly as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars. Despite all of those things they managed to come back and win the ball game.

A few days after his proclamation of victory, Ramsey was singing a very different tune to reporters,. He says he doesnt know how to beat the Patriots, but he does know that the Jags didnt have that extra we need.

Neither did the Seahawks who had Super Bowl XLIX locked up before Brady and New England stole the title. Neither did Atlanta who blew a 28-3 lead in last years Super Bowl. 

When you play the Pats, its just different. The best laid plans of mice and men become distorted versions of a false reality. When that fourth quarter sounds and the Brady train comes rolling through, talking tough or thinking confident wont get the job done. 

Another lesson learned by another up-and-coming NFL squad who thought they had what it takes to kick history in the face. 

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