The Costliest Catch of Nate Burleson’s Career Didn’t Come On The Gridiron

You've probably already heard that the Lions second-receiving receiver Nate Burleson may miss the rest of the season after breaking his arm in two places after a single-car accident this morning. If you didn't, race to a computer and adjust your fantasy roster accordingly. With Burleson out, second-year pro Ryan Broyles will have to step into that split end role alongside Megatron.

The cruel irony is that Burleson's accident allegedly occurred because he was trying to catch an object falling off of his seat on his way home from watching Monday Night Football according to CBS Detroit. What was it? A bottle of Jameson? No. A dime bag? Nah, Burleson is a leader in the Lions locker room. He doesn't deal with those sort of distractions.


"It was actually a whole pizza," [Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw said. "He had purchased two whole pizzas, and one was sitting on top of the other one, and I guess when he was driving one of them was slipping off, and he was reaching over to push it back onto the seat and overcorrected and hit the median wall."

The NFL has a car service for NFL players who have been out drinking and partying at into the wee hours of the night available for players at anytime and anywhere. However, this was one of the first pizza delivery accidents in league history. That's just tough luck.  It also illustrates the difference between an All-Pro and a No. 2 receiver. No, I'm not talking about his high-carb late night diet. A.J. Green would have contorted his body to ridiculous angles to make that catch. Calvin Johnson would have let Diddy handle that.