The Astros Are Historically Bad, But Not Boring 

On Tuesday, Jonathan Villar straight up stole home plate against Wei-Yin Chen and the Baltimore Orioles, once again showing why he's one of the most exciting prospects in baseball. As TSL associate editor James Carr mentioned this morning, it's not ALL bad in Houston.

The back-to-back, soon to be three-peat of 100-loss seasons is in perspective now. 

It has been recognized in the city this year that the excitement in the organization resides in the minor league systems, and the few who work their way up to the novice big league squad. 

Even though Chris Davis hit his first homer since the All-Star break to give Baltimore a 4-3 win, Astros fans saw yet another reason to get excited about what the team is building, and appreciate the youngsters for what they are at the moment. 

It's always a ballsy move to actually challenge the defense when you catch them sleeping.