The 1988 Dunk Contest: Straight Out of A Comic Book

On a cold wintery night in downtown Chicago, a man who was armed and dangerous was preparing for a heist, to take back what he felt was rightfully his.  However, what this man did not know was that he was surrounded, and he didn’t stand a chance to walk away with his prized possession.  As he entered the arena of where it would all go down, he could feel the tension as well as the excitement of what was about to take place.  No matter the result, this man was set to destroy anything, or anyone who dared to get in his path.  

And so it begins, one by one the man sleighed on-comers one at a time leaving little doubt that he meant business.  With brut force accompanied with ninja-like precision, the battle seemed to be all but his until…there was only one.  Left in the man’s wake was the one they called Air, who was everyone’s hero and especially on this day because he was fighting on his own turf.  But this did not deter the man from his purpose.  Pulling off the ultimate heist was only a matter of taking down one versus the six others who lay in his wake.  

As the final round began, the man exhibited perfect execution in his first two attempts to claim the prize, which seemed like a forgone conclusion that destiny was on his side.  However on his final move, the persuasion of those who had surrounded him became oddly apparent that they were not going to allow such a triumph.  Air took flight and finished off the man only to leave him perplexed as to how this could possibly happen.  To this day those who witnessed the event still wonder how the man was unable to pull off the perfect crime.  Sometimes there is an element of surprise, and sometimes…well, you just get robbed.



The man claims that he has gotten over his failed attempt at the prized possession, but he can never forget.  As for Air, he would admit that the man was indeed robbed, but it was at the expense of stepping on his turf.  In the end, the people of downtown Chicago protected what they felt was theirs despite the valiant attempt from a worthy adversary.  The story will forever live in lore and be told from many different angles.  But we all know…the legend of the Human Highlight Film lives with empty space of his collector’s shelf that should be filled with the prize of 1988.