“That Breaks My Heart To Hear That” | Fresno State Head Coach Jeff Tedford’s Reaction To His Assistant Coach Shattering Glass In Press Box, Injuring Fans

Coaching football is filled with pressure and expectations. Sometimes that becomes too much for coaches to handle and some come unglued on the sidelines. In fact, there have been a few instances this season where coaches have been seen losing it in the press box and violently destroying work equipment when things don’t go as planned.

On Saturday, a Fresno State assistant football coach went way overboard, breaking the glass in the press box, injuring fans below, including a mother and daughter. Each suffered lacerations from the incident, and the coach, who remains unidentified, has been placed on administrative leave.

Following the unfortunate incident the school’s athletics director, Terry Turney, released this statement to USA Today.

“Unfortunately, some fans were injured during last night’s football game as result of glass that fell after a member of the coaching staff broke the window in the coach’s box above a seating section.”

Turney continued:

“We want to emphasize that the safety of our fans is a high priority and the athletic department deeply regrets that this incident occurred.”

The incident reportedly occurred after the opposing team scored a touchdown. And while that would frustrate any defensive coach or staff, you have to have a bit more self-control. Now you may have lost your job and could cause the school to face a lawsuit.

Fresno State Head Coach Jeff Tedford Issues Apology For His Assistant

Instead of celebrating his team’s surprising 17-10 home win over conference-leading San Jose State, Bulldogs head coach Jeff Tedford found himself trying to clean up for his assistant’s bad judgment.

Here’s what the longtime veteran coach told USA Today following the huge win.

“That breaks my heart to hear that. I’m sure I’ll find out about it, but it’s very unfortunate that happened.”

From the sounds of it, Tedford was still in the dark on some of the particulars about the incident, so that’s why he said he’d find out about it.

Incident Is Second Press Box Blowup This Season In Football

While this incident is on a much bigger scale because glass was shattered and fans were injured, few weeks ago, a video of Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey went viral following a loss to the Miami Dolphins. Dorsey can be seen destroying his laptop after repeatedly slamming it on the desk in the booth. While he didn’t hit or shatter glass it was a very reckless act. Sort of what we see Tom Brady do often on the sideline when things aren’t to his liking.

Coaches have to know that press box and sideline etiquette is vital and a direct reflection of the team and/or school and staff. Have to control your emotions, especially with so many eyes watching.

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