“That’s Usually A Woman Trait, But You’ve Got Some Beautiful F***in Legs, Man” | The Pivot Podcast Co-Host Awkwardly Compliments Saquon Barkley On His Legs

“The Pivot Podcast” has quickly become one of the most-watched and well-known podcasts around. With former NFL players Fred Taylor, Ryan Clark and Channing Crowder leading the way, the pod has caught fire.

The trio has taken the show on a training camp tour, where they’ve been visiting a host of  NFL teams and interviewed various players.

One of those stops took them to New York Giants camp, where they interviewed star tailback Saquon Barkley. The former Penn State star is looking for a rebound season after two lackluster, injury-plagued seasons.

Crowder Shows Strange Admiration For Barkley’s Legs

During the interview the oft-injured Barkley talked about a host of things, including how he feels heading into this season. Crowder couldn’t stop staring at Barkley’s thighs and legs. The compliments seemed to really catch Barkley off-guard, as they should’ve, but he did laugh it off. Crowder even went as far to call his legs “beautiful.”

“To be honest, I can’t keep my eyes off of them, You’re a man, and we’re conversing, and I keep looking down and those motherf****** are gigantic… That’s usually a woman trait but you’ve got some beautiful f***in legs, man.”

Crowder hasn’t been shy to express his feelings on the show. He’s been the one to rile things up on the podcast.

Crowder Says What No One Else Will

Crowder has become known as the host that says the most outlandish things and he asks the questions that Clark and Taylor typically won’t ask.

He’s the more outspoken one, and he’s perfectly OK with that. He’s on record saying Russell Wilson is a square, and Ciara is only with him because of his long money.

“Russell’s Square … You Don’t Leave Future And Get With Russell Wilson” | Channing Crowder Clowns Himself Discussing A Love He Can’t Understand

While he apologized to Ciara, he still doubled down on his feelings about Wilson, who just became richer with a five-year, $245 million extension. Crowder also said just because he puts mousse in his hair and then slicks it sideways, he still isn’t his type of dude.

Crowder also called Cleveland Browns cornerback Denzel Ward “beautiful” during an interview. The comment helped the interview itself go viral.

“You got pretty eyes. You’ve got good skin. You’ve got the highlights. Do you have to fight that?”

Ward replied:

“You’re the first dude to call me beautiful. I don’t even know how to respond to that.”

Something tells me Ward wouldn’t be the only one who wouldn’t know how to respond to that type of comment coming from another man.

Crowder is also the same guy who brought a stripper to the Dolphins training facility when Nick Saban was the head coach.


“I Brought In A Stripper And Had Her Dance For Nick Saban” | Former Dolphins Linebacker Channing Crowder Details The Stunt That Saban Wanted No Parts Of


He even tells the story of how the stripper jumped on Saban and he removed her and ran out of the room.

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