That One Time Deion Sanders And Babyface Made A Black Men’s History Moment For Tracey Edmonds

Deion Sanders has been called many names, with Prime Time and Coach Prime among the top in his sports career. However, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds knows him by another name: Class Act. The two stars in their respective fields had a legendary Black Men’s History moment when the pain made way to respect that only a true player would understand.

In a sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey from nine years ago, Babyface recounted how Deion Sanders earned his respect during what could have been a tense time of dating his ex-wife, Tracey Edmonds.

This Is For The Cool In You

“Deion’s a good guy. Tracey’s a good girl. She’s is the mother of my children, and we had a great straight relationship,” Babyface said to Oprah. “We live to make sure our children are happy. Deion did one thing for me, that i thought was the classiest thing in the world. Now I’ve talked to Tracey about her relationships, who she might be dating, and I’ve given her my opinion on certain things through the past.

“And she told me that she was dating Deion. ‘Mr. Prime Time’ seems like a nice guy. Well, he became a classy guy when he called me and said he didn’t want to meet my children until he sat down and had lunch or breakfast with me so he knew me before he met my children. I was in.”

In 2005, after 13 years of marriage, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and his second wife, Tracey, announced that they were divorcing, shocking many. Tracey eventually began dating former NFL superstar Deion Sanders, and the two starred in an OWN reality series called “Deion’s Family Playbook.”

The 2014 show gave fans the compelling real life of Deion Sanders and his life with Tracey. Sanders is the only pro athlete to ever play in a Super Bowl and a World Series, and the show explored Deion as a single father raising five kids of his while helping raise five other children who live with him, according to IMDB.

Having Each Other’s Back

As Sanders transitioned into a collegiate coach at Jackson State University, Edmonds was by his side as he won two SWAC championships and inspired the HBCU community and beyond. With his new move to Boulder, Colorado, as the new head coach, Edmonds has supported him on the incredible ride he is taking for Black collegiate coaches everywhere.

Babyface has quietly been in the wings, supporting them as a couple.

“However, I can help you. I reached my hand out, you know, because Tracey’s family and I want to make sure she’s good, and I know she wants to make sure I’m good.”

Sanders’ overture to Babyface before meeting his children and Babyface’s acceptance is a vastly different narrative within the Black cultural spectrum. They are two grown men, each with a history with a successful Black woman, but adult enough to place honor for their respective positions in their lives before pride.

It is a Black History moment that many won’t recognize, but it is poignant nonetheless. Successful Black men putting potential pettiness aside for the sake of the blended family is something to celebrate every day; fitting we are celebrating it in February.

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