“We Always Thought It Was Too Cold” | Deion Sanders Faces Challenge Of Recruiting Floridians To Boulder

Since his arrival at Colorado in early December, Deion Sanders has enjoyed plenty of success on the recruiting trail. The Pro Football Hall Of Famer has hit the road running, and although he isn’t doing any in-home visits himself, his staff is.

And let’s just say they’ve been able to sell some Florida recruits on Boulder, where the weather is vastly different from the Sunshine State’s. For Coach Prime and his staff, being able to land those prized recruits is a top priority. Sanders feels snatching some Southern talent is necessary to get the program on par nationally. But getting players to come to Colorado is much harder than some would believe, as players from the South usually stay near home.

Can Deion Sanders Get Florida Recruits To Colorado?

Earlier this month Sanders flipped the nation’s top corner, Cormani McClain from Miami, proving he knows what it takes to get the top talent out in the Rockies. But it’s still a process, and it’s something Sanders is ready to conquer.

In an interview during Super Bowl week with Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson on “CBS Sports HQ,” Sanders explained what he meant about getting players to leave their comfort zone and come to a place they probably have only heard of:

“Guys from the South like us, we didn’t have the financial means to travel. We never traveled. So the farthest we went was Georgia. So, we’re not seasoned on the other side of the country. We never fathomed it. It wasn’t our thing. And we always thought it was too cold. You know, I didn’t even own a jacket in high school. I remember going to the University of Georgia with no socks, no jacket, and that curl was wet, you know?

“So I didn’t fathom that. But I’m just trying to introduce these young men to the other side of the country that they never thought about. And when you get out there, you start saying, ‘Oh my God, you got mountains with snow on it and it’s not even cold?’ Because when it’s really snowing, it can’t be so cold. I had to investigate that, but it’s really not that cold. Thirty degrees in Boulder is like hoodie weather here to us.

“We so used to it and it’s not cold, it’s not windy.  And once I get these Florida boys over that hump and they see it —and the summers are unbelievable in Boulder, oh my God. Yeah, I went skiing for my first time — not skiing, I can’t ski — but snowmobiling — for the first time in my life. I never been around that much snow. I played 14 years in the league … Never. Never been in a snow game.”

Sanders is doing his best to sell Boulder on things recruits may not know or hear. That and him being Deion should allow for plenty of top-tier talent to venture west to play college football.

Sanders Landed A Top-30 Recruiting Class Despite Getting A Late Start

Sanders arrived in Colorado on Dec. 4, but he didn’t take full reign until the 18th following his final game as head coach of the Jackson State Tigers. For many that would’ve spelled doom as far as recruiting goes, but Sanders was still able to land one of the best classes in the country. A class led by McClain, who’ll team with Travis Hunter, the nation’s top overall recruit in 2022. Hunter transferred to Colorado along with Sanders’ youngest son, Shedeur, who’s the team’s QB. Sanders’ other son Shilo also transferred to Colorado.

The hope is McClain’s signing opens up the floodgates to Florida and schools in the South in general. Having Coach Prime as the lead should only enhance those opportunities.

Can Colorado Go 6-6 In Year One?

A .500 season will get the Buffaloes into a bowl game for the first time since 2020. The program has only played in four bowl games since 2005 losing all four, and in blowout fashion in the last two, having been outscored 93-31.

That and a 5-19 record over the past two seasons are things Coach Prime and his staff are hoping to right. On paper, talent-wise a .500 record seems plausible, but that will depend on the defense and how quickly Shedeur adjusts to this level of competition after dominating SWAC and FCS competition the past two seasons.

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