Teyana Taylor Drops K.T.S.E., But Did Kanye Blow It?

Black Music Month has been on fire as Kanye West dropped himself down in secluded Jackson Hole, Wyoming to pump out albums from his G.O.O.D Music roster. The one caveat was that all the records would be produced by West and showcase the chemistry between the producer and the unique talents he signed. 

Teyana Taylor, the Harlem born and bred sultry songstress is the current artist up with her newest album K.T.S.E. 

Taylor is a true underdog signee that deserves a real album campaign push to boost her profile. She has gained much popularity through her TV and film appearances, cementing her into an intriguing star. However, none of that has to do with high-quality singing and producing, and the affiliation with G.O.O.D Music could only enhance her profile. 

Or so we all collectively thought.

Teyana Taylor on KTSE Being Delayed, R&B Comeback, Working w/ Kanye & A Lot More

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After releases by Pusha T, Kanye himself, Kid Cudi and even Nas, Taylor shines as the only female in an eclectic crew of rhyme slingers. The build-up to her long-awaited, Kanye-produced album that stands for Keep That Same Energy has been particularly docile which is not the same energy that you receive on the album. 

Taylor faces an uphill battle against her much overlooked 2014 debut album VII, dismissed as an overhyped video vixen, or just another basketball wife. But while she may not be G.O.O.D.’s best-known artist, she’s the one with the most to gain.

Taylor’s album, K.T.S.E., was the last of the five weekly releases to be distributed from West’s Wyoming Recording Sessions and it is a soulful introspective take from the singer. Her signature airy-meets-raspy vocals are a sweet and sour reminder of her life experiences and the gritty yet stylish world of Harlem. 

In all, the project is solid but not earth-shattering. Besides Pusha T’s album, none moved mountains, but we sure did appreciate the madness coming out of a forgotten place in the country for the hip-hop sensible.

Still, with the least amount of promotion and pre-prep and the last in a ffive-part weekly album release, the case can be made that Teyana Taylor was done dirty by G.O.O.D. Music for lack of true lead up promotion, a killer single and basically everything that makes you want to consume music.   

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