Terrell Owens Snags Cover Of Madden 19 Hall Of Fame Edition

It took a minute, but Terrell Owens is finally getting his due as one of the greatest football players to ever hit the gridiron and a culture-changer in the world of professional sports. 

The former Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers star recently found out that on August 4th he will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2018 alongside Ray Lewis,Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher and Brian Dawkins. Now he’s getting another acknowledgement as the six-time Pro Bowler with 1,078 receptions and a Texas country crate full of TDs will grace the cover of #Madden 19 Hall of Fame edition. 

Bleacher Report on Twitter

@terrellowens will be on the cover of #Madden19 Hall of Fame edition

This has truly been a redeeming and fulfilling year for T.O. who has gotten to reflect on his impactful and eventful career and make his media rounds to campaign for his reputation and his Hall of Fame enshrinement by dismissing some of the mischaracterizations about his diva personality, excessive charisma and tumultuous relationships with players and coaches. 

Owens has allowed himself to be seen in another light; as a human, raised by his grandmother, who was not just chasing fame and fortune, but also self worth, wisdom and understanding as he grew into a man.

Madden introduced Owens’ cover with the same brazen flair and marketing genius that catapulted him to celebrity iconic status. T.O. was a show and when he rolled into your town you knew the circus wasn’t far behind, but you also knew your secondary was about to get ravaged. 

Terrell Owens on Twitter

It’s that time! I’ve made my decision to return to football. Madden 19 HOF #stayready https://t.co/pLL4lTAhD2

 The public perception about Owens has been changing and it’s good to finally see him getting his props as an undisputed all-time great. 

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