“Teaching My Kids What It Means To Be Resilient”: Dwight Howard Pushes His Son Hard In Insane Training | But Was He Wrong?

Dwight Howard is being parent-shamed. The former NBA player has been posting intense workouts with his 9-year-old son and other children to his Instagram, but one video of his son crying during training has sent some up in arms, claiming he is an extreme sports parent.

In the now-viral video, Howard is seen coaching his son David through an intense session on an exercise bike, with the 9-year-old struggling to pedal on the bike and crying while his father rubs his chest, encouraging him to press on.

“I can’t! I can’t! It’s too hard!” the boy sobbed as the three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year yelled back, “You can! Let’s go.”


Go Hard

The video gets dramatic when the boy continues to tell his father that he “can’t do it” and stresses that “it’s too hard” but it is brushed aside. Howard is unrelenting about the child’s ability to make it through the workout. Pushing him on through the tears, Howard is undeterred as he continues to encourage the boy through the strenuous exercise.

“Go hard on the last set,” the focused father said to the son, who was ready to give up long ago but continued to pedal through the pain until he finally finished and exited the bike expeditiously.

“Good job,” Howard says as the final reward.

Howard’s comment section went wild, with many believing he pushed his son too hard and others applauding the efforts he is putting in to teach the child to overcome adversity.


Howard’s Way

“In the process of being GREAT, it’s going to be laughs, frowns, smiles, tears, blood, and sweat, but that’s what is needed for us to succeed as individuals and also collectively as a family,” Howard explained in the caption.

“I’m just teaching my kids what it means to be resilient, to be determined and to have discipline. Every day is a battle, and some battles are going to be harder to win than others, but we have to fight them until we WIN!

“And if we WIN the day every day, we’ll never lose in the end ! We have to finish every mission we begin and follow through. That’s the most important part! Never say you can’t! Remember Philippians 4:13 🤔…

“YOU CAN, and you will! Just follow through. That’s how you be Great.”

Social media users were harsh.

“This doesn’t make DH father of the year. This is torture,” stated one commenter.

Another said they were withdrawing from the Dwight Howard fan club: “This is disgusting to watch and to think I used to be a DH fan.”

Still more called it “child abuse.”

However, UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya showed support, posting “Show them the way Champ!!” with a king crown emoji.

David is Howard’s youngest child with ex-girlfriend Melissa Rios, who passed away in 2020 due to an epileptic seizure. The child understands adversity, and Howard is doing what he feels is necessary to prepare his child. Social media might provide a window into everyone’s home, but it also generates panic and anxiety when compassion and understanding might be more appropriate.

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