Dwight Howard Trolls All The NBA Stars That Got Bounced From The Playoffs, Says They Should Join Him In Taiwan And Form A Super Team

Former NBA player Dwight Howard is having some fun at a few NBA players’ expense. The three-time defensive player of the year has been posting pictures on his Instagram story of current NBA players that have been knocked out of the playoffs. The players aren’t in their NBA jerseys but photoshopped in Taoyuan Leopards jerseys. The pro team in Taiwan that Howard plays for.

Players included are: Klay Thompson, Julius Randle, Jordan Poole, Ben Simmons, Deandre Ayton, Chris Paul, James Harden, and Kevin Durant.

Howard also had a video in his Instagram story where he called the players out by name.

Is This The All-Washed Team?

“Jordan Poole, come on! Julius Randle, come on!” Howard shouted. “Ben Simmons, come on man! … Klay, you can slide down here too, my boy. Deandre Ayton, you and CP3 come on. KD? Come on, KD! … They talking about him going back to Houston, but I think this might be a better look. James Harden, come on down here too, boy!”

Given who he chose to mention, is Howard saying these players are all washed?

Everyone on that list save Durant had a poor playoff run. Durant wasn’t his usual elite self. But still averaged 29 points, eight rebounds and five assists on 51 eFG% and 59 TS% efficiency splits.

This is just an attempt at being funny and it’s low-hanging fruit but not entirely unfunny.

Howard’s joke got us thinking, which current older NBA stars are looking at the end of the road in their storied histories.

Ayton is only 24 years old. He got his money last offseason, and now that the Phoenix Suns have fired Monty Williams maybe a new voice will unlock his potential and get him to play with more force.

Poole is 23 and after a rough postseason and never truly recovering from the Draymond Green punch, there is talk that he will be on the trade block this summer. Maybe a change of scenery would help the young baller, but it’s too early to give up on him having future postseason success.

Ben Simmons has not played productive basketball for a meaningful stretch since 2021. The Brooklyn Nets swingman has two years and just under $80 million left on his deal. He’s 26, but looks a long way from being what he once was.

Changing Of The Guard

Thompson is an interesting case. The 33-year-old four time champion had a nice run in the second half of the regular season, but was up and down in the postseason. Mainly down against the Los Angeles Lakers. Coming off two major injuries, his best years are clearly behind him. He’s extension-eligible. Will the Golden State Warriors get him to come back on a massive pay cut?

Randle had an All-NBA regular season and was nursing an ankle injury in the postseason. He’s demonstrated that hey can be a good player on a playoff team. But if you want to be a championship team, he’s likely best as a third option.

Paul suffered yet another playoff injury. The 38-year-old is in the twilight of his career. The Suns are going to guarantee his entire contract for next season, but that’s likely so it’s a full expiring in any trade scenario.

Harden had some incredible playoff games but in a critical Game 7 with the Philadelphia 76ers’ season on the line he and MVP Joel Embiid came up very short.

Howard, an eight-time All-Star, eight-time All-NBA, six-time All-Defense, five-time rebounding champ, and two-time blocks champ signed with the Leopards in November 2022 following 18 NBA seasons. 

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