Take That, Cam’ron! Joe Smith And Wife Kisha Chavis Bury The OnlyFans Hatchet And Get Back Together

Former NBA player Joe Smith brought in the New Year with his formerly estranged wife, Kisha Chavis, ending the drama that broke up their marriage. It also puts any speculation to rest that Chavis might take rapper-turned-sports commentator Cam’ron up on the romantic advances he made publicly on his show, “It Is What It Is.”

Smith and Chavis looked very cozy dancing together in a since-deleted viral video during a New Year’s Eve event, and according to reports, they are back together. It is far from how they ended 2023 with a viral argument and a media tour that saw them separated and telling their truths on various media platforms.

Is Smith playing himself by getting back with a woman who hid an OnlyFans account and owns a business specializing in nuru massages?

Let’s run through some receipts.

The Mess

In a viral video on TikTok, Smtih questioned his wife for having an OnlyFans account behind his back. Smith seemingly didn’t realize he was being filmed and that it would make it to the internet. Chavis seemed unfazed in the video, while her husband called her out for having an active account. Her former life as an adult actress working under the alias Yasmine Pendavis quickly came out, and the judgment came swiftly for Smith.

People questioned why he wouldn’t believe that his wife was capable of having a secret career in the adult industry when she was once a whole porn star. But then came the media tour, where she explained in interviews that Smith had run through his professional basketball money, and she had to figure out how to keep their finances afloat.

However, after an interview on Check The Stat, raper Cam’ron shot his shot at Chavis and even inquired about her other business, The Body Rub Babes. Rapper Mase, co-host of “It Is What It Is” advanced the narrative when he surprised Cam’ron on set with Chavis for a body rub massage session.

Keisha even filmed a sneak preview video with a famous little person and adult film star, although it needs to be clarified whether the two filmed an adult movie together.

Following her and Smith’s falling out, Smith reportedly moved out and stopped all contact with his wife. Joe Smith is giving his relationship a chance but with all his relationship trials on public display, there may always be a cloud of doubt hanging over Kisha Chavis.

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