Stick Talk: Snoop Dogg’s Madden 20 Song Highlights His Massive Gaming Passion

Snoop Dogg is letting everyone know that he is Team Madden all day!

We saw it previously with his Mary Jane-partnered gaming tournament series called Gangsta Gaming League.

In this league, Uncle Snoop competed against his close friends in a day-long, bracket-style tournament. Whoever won not only walked away with a trophy and some cash but also the Top Dogg title as well.

And as an avid Madden fan, we shouldn’t have been surprised to see him take his passion for the popular EA series to the next level.

On Wednesday Snoop Dogg, released a track called “Madden 20,” where he boasted about his unmatched gaming skills in the virtual NFL game title… and I mean he can play!

Recently, Snoop became the title winner of the last Gangsta Gaming League, a victorious moment that was so sweet that he shed some thug tears.

Not only should the iconic West Coast rapper be proud of his gaming abilities but also for his contributions to the gaming scene.

Not every entertainer has transitioned into the gaming space as consistently as Snoop Dogg did. He was already playing characters in video games like Def Jam Fight for NY and would’ve been one in Fear & Respect. Plus, he has taken a crack at making his own games as well.

Snoop Dogg is the perfect example of how someone in hip-hop should move in the esports and gaming space. Not sitting around trying to be cool, not trying to take advantage of an industry because it is booming, but genuinely showing their love for video games despite who is watching.

Keep leading the way Unc! And be sure to check out his “Madden 20” track.

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