Bored Announcers Comparing Anthony Edwards To MJ | Lance Stephenson Says Ant-Man Is Just ‘Born Ready’ With A Greener Light

Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards has helped guide the young, rising T-Wolves to the top record in the Western Conference at 40-17, tied with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It’s also the second-best record in the NBA, trailing only the Boston Celtics 45-12. Edwards, the 2020 No. 1 overall pick out of Georgia, has blossomed into a dynamic two-way star who in many folks’ opinion is scratching the surface as to how good he can be. 

Still just 22 and already a two-time All-Star, Edwards is inexplicably being compared to Michael Jordan by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and his NBA Countdown co-hosts Malika Andrews and Kendrick Perkins, who wholeheartedly agree with him. Even Basketball Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett is on board saying Edwards is the 1984 version of Jordan.

Oddly that wasn’t the first time Smith uttered the words Edwards and Jordan in the same breath. In fact he did so last month on his hit morning show “First Take.”

Smith Keeps His Word, Attends Game In Twin Cities 

Back in January when Smith made the proclamation, he also said he would make the trek to Minneapolis to see Edwards play live. 

“Listen to what I’m saying on national television,” Smith said. “Right now when I see Anthony Edwards, I see in the making, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan. You know how I hate cold weather. I’ll fly to Minnesota to see that brother. He is box office. Anthony Edwards, you hear what I’m saying to y’all, he is special.” 

Smith kept his word, and last Friday he traveled to Minnesota ahead of their huge clash with the Milwaukee Bucks.

ESPN even gave them a “Timberwolves: All-Access” with Smith. Yes, the surprising (40–17) record is a huge reason ESPN is paying so much attention to the Wolves, but none of that would be happening without a rising star like Edwards, who’s averaging career-highs in points (26.3), assists (5.2), field goal percentage (46.8), three-point percentage (38.4) and free-throw percentage (83.3). 


But, we’ve gotta taper the MJ chatter, the guy hasn’t even won a playoff series yet. The potential is definitely there to be great, but let’s stop the “His Airness” comparisons. 

Born Ready Enters The Chat

Former NBA player and current G-League hooper Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson believes Edwards is a lot like him. The always eccentric Stephenson, who’s known more for blowing in LeBron James ear during the 2014 NBA playoffs than his actual NBA succes, told HoopsHype this in a recent interview:

“He reminds me of me with a super green light.”

Stephenson continued, “He talks junk and plays really hard,” which in some ways is how Stephenson played in the earlier years of his career. But let’s not ever mistake Stephenson for being anywhere near as good as Edwards. In his career Stephenson never averaged more than 15 in a game in any season, and he’s never sniffed an All-Star game. Also Stephenson’s meager averages of just about nine points, four rebounds and three assists per game for his career just doesn’t measure up. 

While we shouldn’t be comparing Edwards to MJ, Kobe or any other great as of yet, Stephenson has no business comparing himself to Edwards. 

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