NBA Mommy Wars: “He Dont Fear Shooters.” Sonya Curry vs Teroya Eason Turned Into A Resume Check For The OG Basketball Mom

The NBA is currently in the midst of a mommy battle.

After the Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets 110-133 on Thursday, Steph Curry avenged Rockets player Tari Eason by trolling him on the sideline.

After Curry and Draymond Green expressed their opinions about Eason’s provocations toward their team, Steph’s mother jumped in the comments, saying, “Who is he?!!”

Eason’s mother needed to let Sonya Curry know precisely who her son was.

“Hey girl! He’s my son,” posted the Rockets player’s mother, Teroya Eason. A REALLY good kid. The most effective player in LSU history +holds SEC history. He don’t fear shooters, we a team sport D-up family! He’s built for glory. Don’t listen to me listen to the main reason you win rings. Tari “they better he’s playing” Eason. Xo.”

After the Rockets defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder on March 27, Eason, who has been out with a leg injury since Jan. 1, took to his Instagram Stories to mimic a scene from the movie “The Warriors,” saying the iconic sinister line: “Warriors! Come out and playyy!” The Rockets were on a 10-game win streak that extended to 11 when they defeated the Utah Jazz next.

However, fast-forward, and after a loss to the Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves, the Rockets got schooled by the Warriors. With Eason on the bench, Steph Curry couldn’t help but turn the tide on Eason’s Warriors jab. With three bottles on his fingers, Curry tapped the glasses — mimicking a gesture from a scene in the movie — as the Warriors sealed the deal on the Rockets.

“That’s pretty lame,” said Klay Thompson at the postgame press conference. “Especially if you’re not even playing. It’s one thing if you’re playing and you’re out there competing and you can back it up, but if you’re just gonna be trolling from the sideline, bro, what are we doing? The times we talk mess, at least we’re out there competing.”

Draymond Green supported Eason’s trolling but tempered it with the same questioning about how the second-year Rockets player delivered it from the sideline, not the hardwood.

“I love it, I love it. Like I said on my podcast, Tari, if you’re going to say that, you got to play, though,” said Green in the locker room after the game. “You can’t come out and say that and not play. But I know what type of player he is.”

Tari Eason averaged 9.3 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 1.3 assists, playing 21.5 minutes per game as a Rockets rookie in the 2022-23 season. Averaging 9.8 points in the 2023-24 season, Eason played in 22 games and now is out for what looks like the remainder of the season now that the team is on a four-game losing streak.

Eason and the young upstart Rockets are looking to make their name in the league, and mothers are not above jumping into the online mud with the players.

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NBA Mommy Wars: “He Dont Fear Shooters.” Sonya Curry vs Teroya Eason Turned Into A Resume Check For The OG Basketball Mom (

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