Steph Curry Holds Free All Girls Warriors Sponsored Hoops Camp

Some people like to give lip service to a particular cause but seldom make any moves towards making things better in society. But then there are others who are always thinking about uplifting and inspiring.  Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry appears to be in the latter category.

Curry, alongside the Slim Reaper Kevin Durant, hosted a girls-only basketball camp at Walnut Creek’s Ultimate Fieldhouse. Attended by over 200 girls these lady ballers got to learn from some of the best in the world free of charge.

This comes a week after Steph’s Under Armour Select Camp featured several of the nation’s top girls players mixed in with the boys. 



“It was special,” Curry said. “We had four girls go through the shooting drill. They had to make two in a row from five spots around the court and back. The first three girls, two of them made it to the top of the key on the way back but didn’t make it all the way around.”

“To have an all-girls camp, one for me, it’s going to be an eye-opening experience to really truly understand the talent that’s out there on the basketball court for the next generation of women that are playing the game,” Curry said. “For me, I have two daughters that are excited just to find what they’re passionate about, what they’re interested in. So hopefully they’ll get inspired in that sense to see those girls that are a little older, a little bit more developed that enjoy playing the game and have such high skill levels.

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