“Started From The Bottom” Memes Flood Social Media

It's hard not to laugh out loud listening to Drake's latest hit "Started From the Bottom." Not only is it an awkward sound coming from Aubrey who played Jimmy on Degrassi, but it's basic and simple enough to parody the concept in full pursuit. 

That's what's been happening on social media for the past week or so. This meme is easily the funniest one, with photo edits comparing stunt doubles for the Miami Heat's Big 3. They say everybody has a twin somewhere, right?


This one gets a bit more serious, but interesting nonetheless…


Like only The Rock could do it…


Look how far Kevin Hart has come.


Y'all know Jeremy Lin didn't start out being a $25 million point guard who doesn't play much in the fourth quarter for Houston.


Ooooo, they know they wrong for this:


That's a fly little unit young Drizzy's rocking there, no?


And what he meant to say in the beginning…

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