Spurs/Lakers Game One Player of the Game: Old Tim Duncan Played Like “The Duncan of Old”

Tim Duncan is a machine. At 37 years old, he was supposed to be a peripheral contributor at this point in his career. Instead, the old Duncan played like "the Duncan of old" as he was the fulcrum of the Spurs offense and defense. He's so smart that his brain works like a machine and he ages like one, as well. All it took was an oil change and Duncan went out there and produced 17 points and 10 rebounds, in addition to one assist which was the result of a fast break he led after corralling a defensive rebound in the first quarter. While D'Antoni had Pau Gasol roaming around the high post and high wing, Duncan put on his hard hat and went to work on Dwight Howard in the post. Pop talks proudly about his self-sustaining Sky-Net system, but Duncan is the system. 

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