Splash Brothers Return To Wet Cleveland In Game 2 of NBA Finals

Paul Pierce said it best after Golden State took a 2-0 NBA Finals lead over King James Cavs by stomping them out 132-113 on Sunday night: This could be the start of something special for the next two or three years.

Pierce is another former player and analyst enthralled with Golden States advanced weaponry and unlimited firepower. “Curry had 32 points, 10 boards and 11 assists and WASNT the best player on the court, Pierce gushed. 

Thats a scary thought, as that honor would go to Kevin Durant, who had another colossal game with 33 points and 13 rebounds, proving to be too much of an unstoppable offensive force for anyone on Cleveland to handle — even the great King James. 

Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry Postgame Interview | Warriors vs Cavs Game 2 | June 4, 2017

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With the series going back to Cleveland, now is the time for the Cavs to show life if they have any in them. Its not like James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have played terribly.  King James has come out strong in both games, but his offense seems to cap out at a certain point down the stretch. Irving started slowly in last year’s Finals, so you know he’s got some huge games left in him. 

Right now, Golden State is just too deep and multi-dimensional for any team in the league — even one with mini-Jordan — to conquer over a seven-game series. 

On Sunday, Steph played with passion and the confidence you need to take down a James-led powerhouse, even making James’ touted defensive skills look pedestrian against the little bull with the crazy handles and milky way range. 

Stephen Curry Beats LeBron James Off The Dribble | Warriors vs Cavs Game 2 | June 4, 2017

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The forgotten All-Star and the often overlooked Splash Brother, Klay Thompson, reappeared from his defensive duties to drop 22 points.  Backups Shaun Livingston and Ian Clark chipped in 10 apiece. 

Klay Thompson On Warriors Dominating Victory In Game 2 vs Cavs | GameTime | June 4, 2017

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And to add inspiration to the mix, head coach Steve Kerr is finally back on the bench and everything is 100 percent solid in Dub Nation. 

Something has got to give or this series will end in an uneventful sweep. Now is the time for LeBron James to prove all of the things he says that “he doesn’t have to prove.” The media has made it very easy for him again to flip the narrative in his favor. The public opinion is already that Golden State is just too talented for Cleveland, which is a common crutch for James apologists throughout his career. 

At the very least, snatch a game or two in Cleveland and make it a series again, because to get swept would undoubtedly be one of the low moments in LeBrons career and a blow to this growing and far-fetched idea that his legacy is in some way close to approaching or surpassing Michael Jordan’s. 

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