Snoop Dogg Wants You To Snoopify Your Photos

Snoop Dogg has made his latest venture into the digital world, creating a new photo app that allows users to “Snoopify” their backgrounds. His app shares photos across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and features mostly free stickers (to help with the Snoopification) with some that cost money.

Snoop has done well transitioning into the digital marketplace after releasing an app that went along with his album, Reincarnated, that provided behind-the-scenes video and extra information about the tracks. He was also an early adapter of Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.

Snoopify follows Snoop's production team on Reincarnated, Major Lazer, who dropped a Lazergram app with the same concept last month. Several other artists are making money from apps as well, though none are creepier than Trey Songz's app, which is a bit like reverse pimping. The Trey Songz – Angel Network app allows users to buy credits in order to make their profile stand out for a chance to get noticed by Trey. Get this: He's reportedly pulling in $54,000 per month. 

Apparently, he keeps his pimping thumbs strong. 

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