Sister Soldier | Joe Mixon’s Sister Suspected Of Letting Off 11 Rounds, Hitting Teenager Who Was Playing Alongside NFL Star’s Home

Shalonda Mixon, the sister of Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Mixon, has been named as a suspect along with one other in the shooting incident at the running back’s home earlier this week, according to documents from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO).

Did Shalonda Mixon Shoot A 16-Year Old?

According to an incident report, several juveniles were playing a game called “dart wars” near Joe Mixon’s house in Cincinnati on Monday evening when the shooting occurred.

Police in the docs say two of the participants in the game told them one of the other players, a 16-year-old boy, had run alongside his house with a “Nerf” style toy gun when he suddenly came under fire.

Allegedly 11 rounds were fired and the 16-year-old was hit in the foot by a bullet as he attempted to run away according to police.

The suspects are Shalonda Mixon and Lamonte Brewer. They were allegedly in a car that was seen leaving the property following the shooting.

“We understand that there is very specific interest in this story due to the nature of the home being connected to Bengals player Joe Mixon,” an HCSO spokesperson said in a statement Thursday. “We cannot confirm additional details outside of what is outlined in the Incident Report. Our investigative team continues to review the evidence and conduct interviews.”

The HCSO incident report contradicts what Joe Mixon’s trainer, Sean Pena, said when he made the 911 call the night of the incident.

“One kid was running around brandishing a weapon and he went back to his car and it looked like it was a fake weapon,” Pena told the 911 operator. “But then I kept watching, watching, watching and then he was screaming something and he went back to his car and he pulled out another weapon. It looked like a Kel-Tec or something and ran up the back driveway of this house that he had been going up and down, and said, ‘Fuck yeah.’

“Then all the sudden I heard him running, running down there, and you heard ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.'”

We Have A Gun Problem

Do we really need to say it again? The problem is guns.

If one of Shalonda Mixon or Lamonte Brewer did the shooting — and it has yet to be confirmed they are suspects — why did they have access to a gun?

More than 45,000 people are killed annually in the United States due to gun violence. Last year an additional 38,500 people were injured due to guns, according to Gun Violence Archive.

This country’s obsession with guns is weird and extremely dangerous. However, polling data indicates almost three-quarters of Americans think that gun violence is a big or moderately big problem.

Among all other economically developed nations, the United States far surpasses them all in gun related deaths. Major point of difference? Gun laws in the other countries are far more restrictive.

The 16-year-old boy is fortunate one of the 11 rounds didn’t strike him fatally, that could’ve easily been the case.


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