Arizona Cardinals Offensive Lineman Kevin Beachum Says Kyler Murray Needs To ‘Be A Man And Grow Up’

Arizona Cardinals franchise quarterback Kyler Murray has wowed often since he was the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NFL draft. But the dynamic dynamo has also been chastised for his immature ways. Some of his personality flaws have been very obvious during crucial game situations and some have occurred off the field, but no matter what, the Cardinals saw fit to give him a contract that guarantees $189 million in salary. And for that alone it’s time the former Heisman Trophy winner grows up and matures. 

In an interview with Arizona Sports 98.7FM,  Cardinals offensive lineman Kevin Beachum, who just finished his contract with the Cardinals but technically isn’t a free agent until the new league begins next week, had this to say when asked about Murray as a leader.

“Grow up. Be a man and grow up.”

“It’s not a completed process,” Beachum said during the conference. “I didn’t say he lacks leadership, I just think he needs to grow up up a little bit. I think if he has the ability and willingness to grow up, he’s going to be just fine. 

“The Cardinals paid him for a reason — they paid him because of his talent. He has the ability to lead. When you’re in that position, we need you to lead more. You’re the face of the franchise. … You have to lead in every single capacity.”

Beachum’s comments are valid, as it pertains to Murray’s immaturity. When he received his new lucrative mega deal, the Cardinals added a clause which required four hours of study per week. That in itself showed that Murray wasn’t studying in-season. Following blowback, the team immediately removed the clause and tried to clean it up, saying the $230.5 million deal in totality is proof of their belief in Murray’s abilities as a leader. But by then it was too late, and the damage to his image had already been done.

Sideline Blowups With Former Head Coach Were Highly Publicized 

The relationship between Murray and former Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury was rocky, to say the least. There were times where you could see Murray openly go against Kingsbury’s wishes on the field. He was extremely demonstrative and in many ways downright disrespectful towards his head coach.

Things got so bad that Kingsbury even let Murray call plays in the preseason to show him how hard it is. That didn’t do much to change their relationship, as there were still many blowups and disagreements on the sidelines. 

It really showed that lack of leadership and maturity that Beachum is speaking of. And for that Beachum in some ways questions Murray doing his own thing.

“Kyler is his own individual, he’s his own person, he beats to his own drum, which has made him what he is today,” Beachum said. “But, at the end of the day, you have to be able to lead an entire organization, you’ve got to lead a team.”

Murray Is Recovering From Torn ACL

The Cardinals are in a bit of a rebuild, and per new head coach Jonathan Gannon, Murray is “right on schedule” in his rehab. The expectancy is for him to return when he’s fully healthy and can do the things that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing him do weekly. 

Until then, he’ll be expected to be the best sideline cheerleader imaginable and help lead the young guys in a role that Beachum says the Cardinals desperately need him in.


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