“Kyler Murray Don’t Care About Nobody But Kyler Murray” | The Cardinals QB Had A Clapback For His Former Teammate Patrick Peterson

Kyler Murray has been in the news for just about everything you don’t want your so-called leader to be in the news for. This time former Cardinals teammate Patrick Peterson is questioning Murray’s team-first mantra.

During a recent appearance on “The All Things Covered” podcast, Peterson went in on Murray and his selfish ways.

Patrick Peterson Attacks Kyler Murray’s Character

“Kyler Murray don’t care about nobody but Kyler Murray. That’s just the matter of the fact.”

Peterson continued …

“This is the same guy that you all put in his contract you got to study for four hours a week. But the system messed up? They’re requiring you to study 24 hours, but the system messed up?”

“If you look at it since Kyler’s been there, all the stats are all the same, records are all the same, but it’s consistent.”

Peterson didn’t hold back on his feelings toward Murray, and before anyone says he’s hating because of how things ended, a lot of what he’s spewing could be possible based on Murray’s sideline tantrums.

Murray Responds To Patrick Peterson Diss Via Twitter

Early Wednesday evening, after getting wind of Peterson’s remarks, Murray took to Twitter with a clapback. 

“Peterson, got my number, if you really felt like this as a ‘big bro’ or ‘mentor’ you supposed to call me and tell me, not drag me so your podcast can grow.”

Teammate DeAndre Hopkins even chimed in with this vague tweet.

Murray Has Had Some Sideline Squabbles 

Murray has had his share of sideline tantrums and blowups with head coach Kliff Kingsbury, and even one with DeAndre Hopkins. And while all parties have continuously downplayed the incidents, it isn’t a good public appearance for the team or Murray. His actions reek of what Peterson said, and in his blowups with Kingsbury it’s been ever so obvious. On Sunday, he threw Kingsbury under the bus instead of taking responsibility for his costly first-half interception on a fourth-and-1 in a close loss. 

Wil Kyler Murray’s Poor Play Cost Kliff Kingsbury His Job? 

Kingsbury and Murray need to be better, but if anyone believes the head coach is the only problem in Arizona, they know nothing. Murray has been mediocre at best most weeks and his pouting and body posture don’t help elevate his team. Peterson even said Murray’s lackluster play will cost Kingsbury his job.

“Kingsbury will be the scapegoat for the team’s downfall. And the crazy thing about it is the guy who hired will still have a job.”

That guy is GM Steve Keim, who made the decision to move on from Peterson following the 2020 season. This after Peterson demanded a trade in 2018, only to renege on it. Peterson also missed six games for PEDs in 2018, which happened to be Kingsbury’s first season. So, in essence, PP sounds a lot like “the pot calling the kettle black.”

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