‘(She) Can’t Even Go Anywhere. It’s Ruining Her Life’| Mother Of Woman Urban Meyer Rubbed Up In Bar Worried For Daughter’s Mental Health

The mother of the young women in the Urban Meyer video that scorched through social media, going viral last weekend, told Fox this week she’s “worried for her (daughter’s) emotional status.”

The 24-year-old woman was videotaped grinding on Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer at his restaurant/bar in Columbus, Ohio. A second video surfaced on Monday that showed Meyer rubbing the same woman’s buttocks.

She’s since become wrapped up in this media whirlwind and firepit of various emotions involving the Jags coach and the team’s current 19-game losing streak.

“(She) can’t even go anywhere,” the woman’s mother told USA Today. “It’s ruining her life is what it’s doing.I’m worried for her emotional status right now.”

The name of the woman and her mother have not been identified by USA Today.

“I just pray” (she is not fired), the mother told USA Today, “because she needs this job. She just bought a house.”

Meyer, 57 and married, apologized to the team and his family for the drama caused by the viral video that surfaced of Meyer engaged in some hand shenanigans with a much younger women a few days after a devastating 24-21 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

He was forgiven by Jags owner Shad Khan and says he’s had to endure some “horrible” conversations with his team, family and friends. Small price to pay for the yearly $12M bag Meyer, who hasn’t won an NFL game yet, gets from the Jags.

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Shelley Meyer Speaks

His wife has also come to his defense.

According to People.com, “On Thursday, Shelley Meyer shared what she said will be her “last post on Twitter” in the wake of the controversy, explaining that she’s decided to delete her social media because of the “hate, vitriol, slander, [and] trash” being directed toward her.

“We all make mistakes-we are all sinners,” she wrote. She concluded by thanking her followers. 

Moving On: Collateral Damage

Meyer is hoping that this drama goes away quickly. The entire Jaguars organization would like to put this behind them and focus on breaking the second-longest losing streak in NFL history.

Everyone has been thinking about Meyer in this situation, but the young woman who is at the center of this sticky ordeal is probably under attack by people as well. Everyone knows Meyer is married, a picture of him and his wife is prominently featured on the wall of his restaurant. It’s a bad look all around.

A situation that ultimately affects thousands of people from the fans to the Jaguars organization to Meyer’s family and the way the NFL is perceived by the public. Add in the emotional opinions of sports fans, and you’ve got a real sh*t show brewing.

Bad Look For The League

The league has been accused of minimizing women and not being tough on domestic violence or sexual harrasment issues. So the young lady’s mother obviously is aware of this background. This situation is still growing legs.

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