Shaq Roasts Ringless Dwight Howard For All The World To See On IG

Washington Wizards’ Dwight Howard got roasted by Shaquille O’Neal before he could even challenge him.

Howard went on Instagram to challenge Shaq to a roast battle, saying he has “10 in the chamber for (him).” Shaq responded with a cold finishing move that even sub-zero couldn’t match:

Bleacher Report NBA on Twitter

Bleacher Report NBA on Twitter

“I only battle champions Lil man, you ain’t in my division, you in Charles Barkley division. Focus on getting that ring brother.”

Poor Charles Barkely, that guy is thrown into the ringless banter every single time with Shaq. But, hey, when you are a player who is a 4x NBA champion, 3x NBA Finals MVP and 15x NBA All-Star, you are allowed to talk that smack.

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