Serena Williams Shares Her Vulnerabilities In HBO’s “Being Serena”

Serena is hands down one of the greatest athletes of our time. She’s won 23 Grand Slams, four Olympic gold medals and has broken countless records.

Overtime she’s become the fan favorite, capturing the eyes, ears, and hearts of the tennis world due to her aggressive-styled game on the court and her serene demeanor off the court. 

The level of success that this star has accumulated over the years is remarkably impressive and almost untouchable. But, in the same way, we sometimes treat other celebrities as godly figures, we tend to forget that she has strengths and weaknesses just like anyone else. And Serena is not ashamed or afraid to admit that. 

“Being Serena,” a five-part documentary series by HBO Sports, premieres Wednesday on HBO. This series shows a raw look into the tennis legend’s life, her vulnerabilities, and womanhood. Viewers are given open access to the momentous events in both her and her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, lives. The first episode “Fear,” starts off with the surprise pregnancy during the Australian Open, from there, viewers are taken on a journey through the birth of her child, her wedding and even encounters with postpartum.

Despite being one of the greatest athletes in the world, this series will show you that she has the same problems as any other athlete, woman and, more importantly, human.

Take a look at the preview below and be sure to catch it this Wednesday.

Exclusive Interview w/ Tennis Champion Serena Williams | Being Serena | HBO

Serena Williams shares insight on her docu-series. Being Serena is produced by HBO Sports and IMG, and premieres May 2 at 10 PM on HBO. #BeingSerena #HBO #HBODocs Subscribe to the HBO YouTube Channel: Don’t have HBO?

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