‘It’s Because They Can’t Do What You Do’ | Tennis Legend Serena Williams Shows Support For Caitlin Clark Amidst Firestorm Of Controversy

Another day and another Caitlin Clark headline, only this time it’s legendary tennis star Serena Williams giving the embattled No. 1 pick some quality advice and support.

Williams, the winner of 23 tennis Grand Slams (one shy of the all-time record) faced her fair share of criticism and backlash throughout her illustrious playing career. But Williams didn’t let it affect her play, and she’ll be the first to tell you having people like big sister Venus and the legendary Billie Jean King speak on her behalf did wonders for her confidence. 

Williams, who’s now retired, is attempting to do the same for Clark, who’s been under fire from her peers around the WNBA. Speaking from the premiere of her docuseries, “In The Arena: Serena Williams,” at New York’s famous Tribeca Festival, Williams didn’t hold back in her praise for Clark and how she’s handled herself amidst the firestorm of events that have come her way since she was drafted No. 1 overall. 

Williams Provides Sound Advice And Support

As Williams migrated her way through the red carpet she stopped to talk about Clark. She quickly advised Clark to “keep doing what you’re doing.”

“I just love that she tried to stay grounded and that she doesn’t … look at her social media. I get it. I don’t either. And I think it’s so important to continue doing what she’s doing.”

Williams then fired some shots at those who’ve taken shots at Clark, stating that the negativity toward her stems from jealousy.

“And no matter what other people do, if people are negative then it’s because they can’t do what you do … basically. And hopefully she’ll continue to do what’s she’s doing,” Williams added.

Sound advice from greatest tennis player ever (male or female), and it’s highly plausible that Clark takes heed to it. 

Clark Has Been Under Constant Attack

Williams assessment is correct, Clark has been under constant attack nightly, and the physicality opposing teams and players have used against her at times been borderline dirty. While it’s not surprising considering Clark’s natural ability and continually growing popularity, a lot of it’s still unnecessary. In late May Clark spoke about the physical defense that everyone is playing against her. 

“I think everybody is physical with me,” she said. “They get away with things that probably other people don’t get away with.” 

In many ways it looks the type of defense teams are playing against Clark is reminiscent of a decisive Game 7, not a regular-season matchup. But, as Serena told her, just keep being her and doing what she does, which is something she’s done each game. 

Despite her shooting struggles, Clark is averaging 15.6 points and six assists per game. She’s also second in three-pointers made this season with 37 makes. 

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