Saints Eye Lamar Jackson In First Round of NFL Draft

Lamar Jackson is making a comeback into the first-round of the NFL Draft according to expert Todd McShays latest Mock Draft 3.0. Jackson has gained considerable Draft ground since his combine and his adamant, public announcement that he would never consider any position other than quarterback

Jackson was off the grid as a first-rounder just a few weeks ago when the Mock Drafts starting really heating up, and there was an extreme public backlash towards former Colts GM Bill Polian suggesting Jacksons skill set was better suited for wide receiver in the NFL and saying the nearly 6-foot-3-inch QB was too short. 

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Bill Polian on Lamar Jackson: “I think he’s a wide receiver and a dynamic wide receiver.” Us once again:

It was like a bizarre trip back in time. When quarterbacks were stereotyped and denied opportunities based on a racism that suppresses opportunity and creates false narratives about an entire group of people. 

When reports surfaced that NFL teams were asking Jackson to work out as a wide receiver, all social media hell broke loose. 

Either the outrage inspired the New Orleans Saints, who McShay says will choose Jackson with pick No. 27 of the first round, or everyones outrage was much to do about nothing. 

This doesn’t seem to be a headline snatch by McShay. 

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My first NFL Mock Draft is up. @NFL 1. Browns- Sam Darnold 4. Cardinals (trade w/ Cleveland)- Josh Allen 5. Broncos- Josh Rosen 27. Saints- Lamar Jackson Have at it, Twitter. @gmfb

The keen offensive mind of Payton probably sees a gold mine in Jackson. Imagine adding him to an offense that ranked fifth-overall in total offense. Whoever takes Jackson will have a Deshaun Watson draft steal under their belt. It seems as if more NFL minds realize this than was previously reported. 

So after all of the emotional investment about the NFL fate of Lamar Jackson, as the smoke clears, hes projected to be a first-round NFL pick after all. 

In other first-round shakeups, the Jets will reportedly draft the potent project that is Wyomings Josh Allen.  

Interestingly enough, Josh Rosen, the guy who was once a lock to go to the New York Giants at No. 2, has dropped to No. 15 on McShays Mock Draft 3.0, a possible steal for the Cardinals. Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield also drops, to No. 11 to the Dolphins. The big winner of the combine fallout is USCs Sam Darnold who has risen to the projected No. 1 pick of the Cleveland Browns.  

Jackson’s rise into the first-round was the rump shaker though. 

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Mock 3.0. Have at it.

“There are certain teams that have guys that can coach quarterback and creative coordinators that can utilize a guy like Lamar Jackson and I think the Saints are one of those teams.

Payon is the perfect guy to help cultivate Jackson’s ridiculous potential if Jackson doesn’t get snatched up by the Buffalo Bills who have picks 21 and 22. 

Hes a project, no doubt about it,” McShay said. “But in the meantime, you can utilize him in different ways. Short yardage, goal line packages. Hes the type of guy where either you love him or you say hes too big of a project for us. There are some teams in the final 10-12 picks (of the first round) or who will look at him and strongly consider him to be their future. 

Getting a chance to chill and pick a future Hall of Fame quarterback like Drew Brees  brain everyday isnt a bad gig to hold down for a few years. Jackson’s still probably being a bit undervalued but it might just might work out for Lamar Jackson on Draft Day after all. 

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