Dangeruss Breaks Records With AB, Josh Gordon, DK Metcalf & Tyler Lockett

Imagine Russell Wilson with a receiving core that includes Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. It’s not as far-fetched as you think according to reports and the words of Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. 

Now that the Seahawks gave up two first-rounders and then some, for the rights to Jets all-purpose, all-pro safety Jamal Adams, Seattle has to be creative as it attempts to improve offensive personnel and maximize Wilson who is at his passing peak. 

Dangeruss To AB For Six?

Antonio Brown can still ball to death and has expressed interest in returning to the NFL. He’s also been keeping himself busy in the meantime.


Carroll acknowledged that the team has an interest in AB and his crazy world, saying general manager John Schneider has been monitoring the All-Pro wide receiver’s “complex” situation.

Last week, Brown was suspended eight games for multiple violations of the NFL’s personal conduct policy. More games could be coming depending on the outcome of several other situations. 

Having a receiver of AB’s caliber for half of this season and potentially moving forward isn’t a bad deal. With his recent track record of broken contracts and sudden departures, the former Pittsburgh Steelers perennial All-Pro will probably come on the cheap too. 

Josh Gordon Gets Another Shot At Redemption

Carroll went a step further when asked about the team’s interest in another suspended wide receiver, saying the Seahawks are “very open” to a reunion with Josh “Ganja” Gordon. Gordon proved that he could move the crowd in his brief stint with the Seahawks before relapsing. 

“What I’d say to you is what we always say because it’s what we always do and who we are,” Carroll said when asked about the Seahawks’ rumored interest in Brown. “John is competing at every turn. There’s never been a process, unless we just missed it, that we weren’t involved with to understand what the chances were of helping our club. He’s all over it. He understands what’s going on right now, as much as you can. It’s a very complex situation. We just need to see where it fits somewhere down the road. That’s all I got for you.”

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson hosted Brown for a workout at his San Diego home in July and is reportedly an advocate behind the scene to bring AB into the fold. Who can blame Russ?  The Super Bowl champ has never had a receiver of Brown’s ilk to throw to. It’s about time Russ gets a real toy that can carry HIM for a change. 

The 29-year-old Gordon was suspended indefinitely in December for multiple violations of the league’s policies on performance-enhancing substances and substances of abuse. He applied for reinstatement in mid-June and the NFL has the power to take him off indefinite suspension and join an NFL team before training camp ends.  

“It’s not in our hands,” Carroll said. “Josh did a really good job with us last year. He fit in really well. He was part of this team by the way we opened and embraced his coming to us but also by the way he adapted. So we are very open to that thought, and we’ll see what happens. I don’t know. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen on that.”

Bottom line is, come playoff time in 2020-21, the Seahawks could be contenders with the best receiving core in the game. 

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