Ricky Williams Joins NCAA Coaching Ranks

Ricky Williams is the new running backs coach at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. Most of you haven't heard of Incarnate Word, but they're headed to the Southland Conference pretty soon. Though you might not know about the Southland Conference, either. 

That's OK, because you definitely know Ricky Williams, possibly the most compelling football player of his generation because of his eccentricity mixed with skill. Williams was the definition of ground-and-pound, but seemed so fragile off the field. 

Not that it's quite that simple. Take a look at the trailer for Run Ricky Run 30 for 30.


This could help college athletes in a variety of ways, being around one of the best college football players to ever do it, while also able to learn some real life lessons. They won't meet another athlete like this. 

For a group of athletes that likely won't play professionally, they can learn from a guy who was willing to throw it all away just to live on his own terms.

It's going to be a while before Incarnate Word gets a national buzz, but adding Williams isn't a bad start at all. 

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