Richie Incognito Is Bullying His Way Back Into the NFL

After he completes his stint in an Arizona mental institution, he’ll be back in the NFL.

Shortly after Richie Incognito was suspended from the NFL for “bullying” fellow Dolphin offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, it was reported that in late February he checked himself into a mental hospital in Scottsdale, AZ .

By August he was reinstated by the NFL and cleared to pursue a contract with whatever franchise would have him. He’s yet to be signed and maybe that’s a good thing.

The Shadow League’s @Fanalyst1 (J.R. Gamble) recently had a conversation with a close friend who is a case worker out in Arizona. According to a very reliable source, Incognito was not in a mental hospital in Scottsdale. He was chilling in Desert Vista Unit 4 in Mesa, Arizona and according to sources, Incognito turned that Unit upside down with his obnoxious, aggressive and consistently classless behavior.

Below is the transcript of the conversation about Incognito’s behavior at the mental clinic. NFL teams who are considering signing this guy next season beware.

Case worker: Yo, I ever tell you I seen Richie Incognito at one of these mental hospitals out here in AZ? I figured you would find this story interesting.

Gamble: Oh word lol what was he doing there?

Case worker: Yo he lives out here part of the time I guess, I was doing a visit with one of my Clients in Desert Vista Hospital in Mesa, this nigga was punking clients in the snack line in the mental ward, I was just watching him, he was fucking huge and looked out of place. I asked dude “You are Richie Incognito?” He said “yeah don’t believe everything you read tho’ I am a okay guy” and he shakes my hand.

Gamble: How was he punking them lmao?

Case worker: I said “you still playing for the Dolphins next year?” This nigga lost it, on some “Don’t talk that shit in here!!!!” Dude ended up tearing up the unit from me asking him that publicly.

He’s standing in the snack line telling niggas he is first or in his words “I’m always first” lmao He was like Debo up in there.

This nig fittin’ to be back in the NFL too; damn shame he is a fuckin’ dickhead.

I wanted to take a pic but they don’t let phones in there, this was back when he was in the news. He was wrecking shit; this nigga was on 100 and flipped out on me because he didn’t want no one to know who he was. I’m like dude you 6’4″ 300 pounds you stand out like a sore thumb, nigga all tatted and shit and ripped up lol….I’m like, “you don’t look like none of these niggas in here.”

I saw him the second time and he was just sitting on the unit phone talking about “Tell them I will be back in the NFL soon, just taking a break”

Sounds like this cat is still unstable as hell. If he was that formidable a player, he probably would be back in the league already, but he’s not worth the headache and with the recent flack the NFL has taken concerning player decorum, adding a basket case that’s no more than a serviceable player to the mix, won’t help anyone.

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