Relationship Blogger Calls Cam Newton “Trash” | Newton Defends Himself, Ex-Girlfriend Jasmin Brown’s Submissive Approach To Relationship

Cam Newton has managed to keep himself in the news despite being a free agent who’s probably no longer a starting quarterback in the NFL. Newton recently mentioned that he’s still interested in playing some more if the situation is right, but quarterback play aside, Newton’s brand is still booming, and his personal life is still fueling the social media moshpit.

On the heels of girlfriend Jasmin Brown’s interview, where she reiterated over and over that she was submissive to the former Auburn Tigers quarterback, Newton did an interview where the talked about how women should gratify their man.

Newton has received some negative blowback. A self-titled relationship blogger who goes by the Instagram handle of Judaeuanscripted89 had plenty to say about that interview, and most of it was taking shots at Newton.

“So, before I say my piece. Please understand I know that Cam Newton is trash, I warned y’all a long time ago that he was. But as usual when you see a “Black Love” relationship, all the trash bleep about the man goes out the window because he is with a Black woman. So, please don’t Comment with the “he is trash” WE KNOW!! You’re the one late to the party.”

The blogger continued. 

“Submissive comes in different ways and forms. So, just because you didn’t ask him to cook or clean doesn’t mean you ain’t asking him to submit to you…. The point is, don’t submit to a man who is not worthy. If you choose to do that, then that’s on you…… but hey; this is Just my Opinion…

Seems the blogger could be taking this point of view or making this assumption because Newton fathered a child outside of his relationship with his former longtime girlfriend.

But is it this blogger’s business, or their right to call him trash? No, it’s not, and although Newton told us he committed this transgression, it’s still not anyone’s place to try him in the public court of opinion. Especially not a clout-chasing relationship blogger.

Newton Claps Back At Blogger

Following the not so glowing take, Newton responded, by saying this.

“I can accept me being trash THANK YOU; that will uplift me I HOPE YOUR BLOG SUCCEEDS AS I SEE IT DOING VERY WELL, so far…. nevertheless I feel as if you can use your platform to bring sunshine to someone RATHER than more RAIN (there are hella blogs already tearing down people daily)… hey, but what do I know, IM TRASH.”


Once the blogger masterfully enticed a response, the conversation continued. 

“Maybe you not a trash person but the situation you put your child mother in is,” the blogger said. “I don’t think men understand how dangerous birth really is, she good and able to risk her life to have your children but not good enough to be your wife, make it make sense. She was by your side for a long time, you don’t feel like she deserves to be your wife oh ok. I do use my blog and post to uplift women and men to make better choices so if you miss that then shrugs”

Newton responded again. 

“Are you married!? Do you have kids! What is the name of the person I’m actually talking to!?. The person I am having a conversation with knows a lot about me…. so could you please render that info so I can have an idea of the person I am speaking with…”

During an appearance on “The Pivot Podcast, Newton called his mistake a “humanistic,” one. While it may be, this is the exact reason bloggers and folks alike feel comfortable to talk about him in that way.

Newton’s Best Days Are Behind Him

While Newton still believes he’s a starter in the NFL, his numbers and play say differently. In his last 13 starts with the Panthers the former Heisman Trophy winner is 0-13.



During a recent appearance on “The Pivot Podcast,” Newton says he believes he’s still very capable of starting for an NFL team. 

“I said it, there’s still not 32 guys better than me on my soul. Ask your question, and let’s debate, because at the end of the day, comparing apples to apples, oranges to oranges, certain situations and if you think that I couldn’t be on someone’s team right now, you a damn fool.”



That may have been true a few years ago but since the multiple surgeries on his shoulders, Newton has looks like a shell of himself. Maybe a bit delusional as well. His stint in New England left a lot to be desired, and his return to Carolina last season wasn’t much better.

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