Rashad Jennings is sorry for exposing Eli

With only one week of the NFL season in the books, the New York Giants are looking downright dysfunctional. Who could have predicted that one embarrassing play call would become such as major source of debate? Did they just lose the Super Bowl?

Shortly after Sundays loss to the Cowboys, running back Rashad Jennings decided to throw the franchise quarterback under the bus. This led to Manning taking full responsibility for the shockingly bad play on third down, which allowed the Cowboys just enough time to rush down field and steal the win. Today, Jennings offered a sincere apology for embarrassing Eli, as he realized that there are certain matters that need to only be discussed internally.

Will this affect the trust between the team going forth? It will be interesting to see how the Giants bounce back from this humiliating loss in week two when they face the Atlanta Falcons.

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