Rapper Ice Spice’s Brother Joey Gaston Says Opponents Troll Him With Her Lyrics | Iona Prep QB Takes It All In Stride 

Joey Gaston is a class of 2025 quarterback who’s the starter for New York’s highly-touted Iona Prep. Gaston, a 17-year-old junior also happens to be the younger brother of Bronx rapper Isis

Naija Gaston, better known as Ice Spice. The junior signal-caller just led the Gaels to the state championship game, losing a 30-29 heartbreaker to Cardinal Hayes. 

He also recently sat down with Complex to discuss what it’s like to be the younger sibling of n overnight rap star.

Gaston, who’s beginning to make a name for himself on the gridiron has embraced being related to the popular female emcee. In the interview he talked about what it’s like being in the spotlight because of his sister. 

Sister’s Success Makes Gaston Happy

Gaston told Complex this about the opportunities she’s afforded him with her breakout career. 

“I’m a really proud younger brother,” Gaston tells Complex. “She created a path that makes me want to work harder. It’s like damn, I see what she’s doing now and it makes me want to do even more.”

Gaston is coming off a season where he led the powerhouse Gaels to brink of a state title by passing for just under 2,200 yards, rushing for over 740 yards and accounting for 24 total touchdowns. Not bad for the class of 2025 prospect who because of his size — 5 feet 8 and 165 pounds — isn’t being heavily recruited to play the position at the next level. But, that still hasn’t stopped him from giving it his all each and every time he’s steps foot on the gridiron. 

Being the brother of someone famous also has it drawbacks, one of them the constant taunting and trolling from opponents and fans. For Gaston it’s nothing new and something he takes in stride. He told Complex this about a recent playoff game. 

Gaston says defensive ends love to troll after getting a sack, saying, “‘You thought I was feeling you?’ They give me a little line or whatever, and it just adds to the competitiveness because I’m like, ‘Watch what’s going to happen next play?’ It’s all love.”

That’s nothing, as Gaston also says he sees fans wearing a curly orange wig the color of his sister’s hair. It’s all part of it, and for Gaston it just motivates him more. 

If No Football He Can Always Model

Gaston’s hope is to make it to the NFL and follow in the footsteps of his favorite players Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray, two pretty diminutive ballers like himself. 

But, if that isn’t in the cards he could possibly model, having signed a deal Next Models, which gives him an outlet outside of football. 

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