Pusha T’s Daytona’s An AOTY Contender. Here Are The Bars To Prove It.

Last night, the President addressed parts of the nation. 

No, Donald Trump wasnt spewing political invectives masked as presidential rhetoric to the people of America. The President of G.O.O.D. Music (and coke rap), Pusha T,  addressed parts of the hip-hop nation in attendance at Public Hotels in New York City, before playing his new album Daytona.   

His message was simple and clear: youre going to get these bars. 


I changed the album title from “King Push” to “DAYTONA” because I felt it didn’t represent the overall message of this body of work. “DAYTONA” represents the fact that I have the luxury of time. That luxury only comes when u have a skill set that your confident in.

King Push on Twitter

I don’t have something to say to you everyday, nevertheless create a song abt, this music comes from a real place every time…

King Push on Twitter

This album is for my family…high taste level, luxury, drug raps fans. Literally this is nothing more than the outcome of our musical therapy sessions.

King Push on Twitter

This is all happening in real time, you don’t have my art work because i don’t have my art work…the final master was turned in 2 hrs ago, no single (what are those?), I’m not interested in any of that…

King Push on Twitter

Ye, we’ve really outdone ourselves…thank you. #DAYTONA

Daytona is full of Pushas musings of drug dealer benzs with gold diggers in them and rapper Casanova was in the building. I overheard him telling Swizz Beatz, he fucked my project up. I gotta get back in the lab.  Pharrell also materialized out of thin air like the empyrean being he is and gave his head nods of approval. 

Here is a slice of the uncut bars that will make Daytona one of the best albums of 2018 once it drops on Friday, May 25th:

It was written, like Nas, but it came from Quentin.

-It seems Pusha isnt ready to let the Drake ghostwriting rumors die any time soon. 

Never trust a bitch who finds love in a camera/She would fuck you, then turn around,  and fuck a janitor/accept those parameters/You either with the pro ballers or the amateurs/I wont let you ruin my dreams/Or Harvey Weinstein the kid/Good Morning, Matt Lauer. Can I live?

-The only way a verbose, unapologetic gangsta rapper such as Pusha T can address the #MeToo movement is with bars that toe the line between insensitive and enlightening.

If you aint driving while black do they stop you?/Will MAGA hats let me slide like the drive-through?- Kanye West

-Short answer: No, Kanye, it wont. Like you once said at a more saner time in your life (adjusted for context): no matter if you want to make America great again, you still a nigga, in a hat.

“Angel on my shoulder, what should we do?/Devil on the other, what would Meek do?/Pop a wheelie tell the judge to Akinyele/Middle fingers out the Ghost screaming Makaveli”

-Besides the sick double entendre of a ghost (car, spirit) and Makaveli (2Pac), Pusha T might have the most creative way to tell a judge to suck a dick for all of 2018.

This is my Purple Tape, saved up for the Rainy Dayz.

-The Only Built 4 Cuban Linx homage in this bar scrunched Swizz Beatzs face up so bad I thought he was losing oxygen.

Lord is my shepherd, I am not sheep.

-Hearing Pusha reconcile his god-fearing self with his ostensibly immoral self will have you questioning your own life.

For all the things that I prayed for/Know, theres no price tags when I wage war.

Pusha T is a double entendre monster throughout Daytona, and this is probably one of the 5 best word flips from the album. 

Leave you like Malcolm, when X marks your grave.

-On the surface, its a clever play on the name Malcolm X. But, once you realize Malcolm Little became a target for assassination for his views after he changed his name to Malcolm X, then youll see a deeper meaning to Pushas violent bar.

Remember Will Smith won the first Grammy/They aint even recognize Hov until he got with Annie/So I dont tap dance for them crackas and sing mammy/Cause Im supposed to juggle these flows and nose candy.

Pusha’s penchant for turning drug tales into lyrical acrobatics can be seen as boring to some, but right here he shows how part of it is a form of resistance against placating white people.

Child Rebel Soldiers, youre not orphan enough.

-Some of these rappers need to experience the pain they rap about.

No more hiding the scars, I show them like Seal, right?-Kanye West

-Even from the sunken place ,Ye is good for a few dope bars.

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