Peyton Manning Could Become Part Owner Of The Denver Broncos | He Led Team To A Super Bowl In His NFL Finale

The Denver Broncos are for sale, and by the spring of 2022 a new ownership group is expected to be named for the storied NFL franchise.

One prominent name that’s come up in possible ownerships groups is Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning who’s universally recognized as one of the top five QBs of all-time and one of the revolutionary forces at the position.

Manning led the Broncos to two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl win during his four-year (2012-15) run in the “Mile High City.” Manning even threw an NFL-record 55 touchdowns in his second season with Denver.

Manning has been retired since 2015-16 and still makes his home in Denver. Reports say he’s expected to become a part of an ownership group that is expected to purchase the Broncos.

Manning Has Turned Down Multiple Jobs To Be An Analyst

Since retirement, every network from ESPN, to Fox, to CBS and the NFL Network has tried to bring Manning on in some capacity, He’s declined each offer to become one of the highest-paid analysts in the business. But rumors have surfaced that the former Indianapolis Colt and Broncos signal caller is willing to shun the world of televsion to become an owner of the team he last played for.

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen passed in 2019.

The team has been in upper management disarray ever since, with Bowlen’s family even suing the ownership trust over terms of the team and its rightful owners. The case was thrown out of court and now the team will be up for sale come spring 2022. Details and dynamics of the sale can change from month to month, but the belief is an outside owner will emerge and take over the team when it goes up for sale.

There were rumors that Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos were joining forces to buy the Broncos, which would have been a major power move for Black ownership, which has been nonexistent in the NFL. That never materialized, but the Manning move is a real possibility.

Jay-Z & Jeff Bezos Buying The Denver Broncos? | Conflicting Reports

Manning Is Reportedly Very Interested In Ownership

During NFL league meetings the topic of the Broncos and the franchise’s current and future ownership came up. A fast-track sale could be the route, and if so “Omaha Manning” could be involved with the winning group, obtaining a stake in the franchise. That would position him as management within the front office. Former Broncos legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer John Elway currently runs things as the executive vice president under the current regime.

Manning has been in close contact with the favorites to buy the franchise, and he’s reportedly expressed a desire to be involved in the football operations department. Of course they’re interested in him coming aboard, he’s Peyton Manning. Adding him would be a smart play for an outside buyer. Similar to what the Miami Marlins did by giving Yankees legend Derek Jeter a piece of the franchise and full control of baseball operations.

Derek Jeter Addresses Media For First Time As Miami Marlins Owner

The widespread belief is that the NFL’s other 31 owners would unanimously approve any group Manning’s attached to. Fans would also approve, so basically it’s a win-win.

Manning’s Net Worth Adds Up As Well

With a projected networth of over $250 million, Manning has the capital needed to buy in as investor. He’s long expressed a desire to stay in and around the game, and this would put him right where he wants to be. For years he was always lauded as a future franchise-runner when his playing days were over. The perfect general manager.

Some even went as far as to say he could one day sit in the top seat as NFL commissioner. His personality will always gravitate him toward a leadership position. And he’s very entertaining on the low.

These days Manning and his brother Eli are hosts of the insanely popular “Manningcast” as part of ESPN’s MNF simulcast. The reviews have been through the roof and the variety of guests has captivated the interest of a wide range of fans.

Manning can do no wrong in Denver, and if he wants in on the franchise he should be afforded that opportunity. The Broncos are in disarray and need to be sold to someone who’s going to love and care for the franchise the way late owner Pat Bowlen did. Outside of maybe John Elway no one is better suited for that role than Peyton “Rocky Top” Manning.

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