Jay-Z & Jeff Bezos Buying The Denver Broncos? | Conflicting Reports

Jay-Z said he was “past kneeling” as he sat at the table with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Those words effectively announced that the NFL was back in business with the Black community.

The initial knee-jerk reactions were mixed, with some suggesting that he sold out Colin Kaepernick. Others understood his stance. Ownership was his next logical power move.

If Jay was going to ever be able to purchase into an NFL team, he couldn’t be a vocal adversary of NFL owners. Instead, he decided to acquire a seat at the table and establish the relationships needed to break into the good ol’ boys club that dominates ownership of all 32 NFL teams.

He’s not there yet, but according to reports, if the Denver Broncos ultimately end up on the market, two of the most well-known Americans could be interested in purchasing the team.

Jay-Z, alias Shawn Carter, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ “names keep popping up as potential new owners.”

The Broncos aren’t currently for sale, but reports say the daughters of the late Broncos owned Pat Bowlen can’t reach an agreement on a new ownership structure, which makes it plausible that the team will be sold in advance of the 2022 season.

There are also conflicting reports that say Jay-Z isn’t looking to purchase the team.

We know that Jay-Z plays chess, not checkers, and even a little poker. He never shows his hand. So who knows which reports are true?

There’s little doubt that Bezos, who has an estimated $190 billion net worth, has enough money to buy the team. Bezos stepped down as CEO of Amazon in July, but the 57-year-old is still young enough to own the team for decades.

There will definitely be some pushback from the public. Amazon has been accused of having third-world sweatshop-like conditions. Bezos’ wealth and influence make it highly unlikely that any protests or grumblings would stop him from purchasing the team if he put together the most lucrative bid.

In Jay-Z’s case, the music icon would have to be a part of a group that purchases a team. Similar to the Derek Jeter (Miami Marlins) and Magic Johnson (Lakers) — led groups in Major League Baseball.

The sports legends/entrepreneurs are the faces of their respective ownership groups but not the primary investors. Jay-Z is believed to be worth over $1 billion but doesn’t have the capital to cover the $4 billion price tag the Broncos are expected to be sold for.

Jigga sold his minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets in 2013, which he was required to do when launching Roc Nation Sports.

Presumably, the 51-year-old would have to divest whatever percentage he owns in the sports agency — which currently represents athletes like New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley, Green Bay Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette, among other NFL stars — to become part of an NFL ownership group.

It’s called leveling up.

The big difference between now and 2013 is that Jay-Z owned less than 2 percent of the Nets. One would have to assume he’d own more than that with the Broncos and have some real input.

Jay-Z and Bezos have become good friends over the years. This past weekend “The Carters” (Jay-Z and Beyoncé) were spotted on the coast of Italy enjoying Bezos’ mega yacht which runs a cool $4 million per week for rental.

They even skipped the Met Gala, so you know there’s some rest, relaxation, and business being discussed out on that yacht.

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