Derek Jeter’s Bid To Buy Florida Marlins Is Still In Effect

Miami – Derek Jeter was relentless, consistent, resilient and unwavering in his 20 years as the New York Yankees franchise player. Now, hes pursuing ownership of the Florida Marlins with the same approach. 

Jeter, now a Tampa resident, has been rumored for months to be buying the franchise from current owner Jeffrey Loria.  An initial bid was led by Jeter and former Florida governor and GOP big wig Jeb Bush, but Bush pulled out of the project in late May, one month after reports had his and Jeters group nearing a sale agreement. The deal was reported to be all but done by the media world, but Jeter had trouble gathering the funds required. 

Sports Illustrated on Twitter

A group headlined by Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan is reportedly nearing a deal to buy the Marlins for $1.2 billion

Now, it’s being reported by Sports Illustrated and other outlets that a group headlined by Jeter, who has attracted some new investors, is nearing a deal to buy the Marlins for $1.2 billion. Reportedly, he has about 15 money makers involved and one of them is The NBA GOAT, Michael Jordan. Jordan isnt expected to toss in a huge wad of cash, but will serve as an adviser to Jeter if the deal goes through. 

The three leading groups for bids are all offering about the same amount, so Loria will choose from the bids and the winning group will have to have its bid approved by MLB. Mike Ozanian of Forbes reported that Miami-based billionaire Jorge Mas will buy the team for $1.17 billion [p]ending an unusual twist, which the club vehemently denied, according to the Miami Heralds Barry Jackson.

A third group of investors, led by Mitt Romneys son Tagg, Hall of Famer pitcher Tom Glavine and Black Ace Dave Stewart who is the former general manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks, appears to be falling out of the running.

The purchase of the team for the groups competing with Jeter would be considered more of a corporate money grab with questionable passions for the actual game of baseball.  

Naturally, the city of Miami wouldnt mind having a living legend with championship experience, a tremendously high baseball IQ and a genuine love for the game running the franchise, which is something Marlins ownership has lacked over the years .

Nobody says “winner” like Derek Jeter, but after his previous bid fell through, no one’s calling this a done deal either. 

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