Jay-Z Plays Major Role In First Black Cannabis CEO Being Appointed


TPCO Holding Corp, California’s leading vertically integrated cannabis company, announced the appointment of Troy Datcher to serve as the company’s new CEO starting September 8th.

Datcher’s historic appointment is the first time a Black CEO will lead a major public U.S. cannabis organization.



First Black CEO Of Cannabis Organization

The appointment of Datcher is something that Jay-Z was aiming for when the Parent Company was formed in January 2021.

Datcher is joining the Parent Company from the Clorox Company, where he most recently served as Senior VP and Chief Customer Officer, responsible for the company’s worldwide sales organization.

Datcher deployed global sales plans generating over $6.7B in annual revenue across the Clorox Company’s vast portfolio of brands during his tenure.

“I’m truly honored to be at the forefront of shaping the future of the cannabis industry with the Parent Company,” Datcher said to Business Insider. This is a tremendously strong company that is poised for continued growth and we have a unique opportunity to disrupt a sector that has disproportionately impacted communities of color — including my own — for far too long.”

This is a chance to partner with powerhouses like Jay-Z and Desiree Perez to rectify the wrongs of prohibition, eradicate antiquated laws and create a new cannabis infrastructure rooted in diversity, equity, and justice for our communities. Together, we can shape the legal cannabis industry that is reflective of our entire culture in California and beyond,” he added. 


MONOGRAM By Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter

The company’s curated portfolio includes eight of the most valuable and scalable brands in cannabis, including MONOGRAM by Shawn “Jay-Z”; Carter, Caliva, Delhi, Fun Uncle, and Mirayo, which sets the tone for the Parent Company’s industry leadership in California and beyond.

Monogram, launched its first products in California in December of 2020 with a four-strain line of craft, indoor-grown cannabis flower, and joints.

The company’s flagship product is the “OG Handroll,” a 1.5-gram joint rolled by “highly trained artisans,” the company says, that use a technique Monogram developed over a year. The joint is made with small-batch flower and is supposed to burn like a premium cigar. It retailed at $50.

Monogram’s cannabis strains—named No. 88, No. 96, No. 70 and No. 01 and developed by veteran grower DeAndre “De” Watson —come in three strengths: “light,” “medium” and “heavy.”

Cannabis Kingdom

Jay-Z’s weed factory is a colossal 100,000-square-foot facility on a busy intersection in San Jose, California. A cannabis kingdom to grow good and expand his business empire.




In addition to its vast manufacturing infrastructure, consumer reach, and cultural influence, The Parent Company is committed to using its resources and status to play a role in molding a more equitable cannabis industry.

Chief Visionary Officer Jay-Z’s social equity ventures initiative was established to break down the systemic barriers Blacks and other minority entrepreneurs face as they endeavor to secure meaningful participation, growth, and leadership in the multibillion-dollar legal cannabis industry.

Jay is out here making major moves again and he’s spreading the wealth.

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